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  1. Doom 3 .map question

    hmm...as the anonymous poster said the map file isn't the file to look at but the proc file is. I haven't found a file spec yet and I don't understand it completly on my own. Obviously Doom3 uses portals (should be convex) created by a solid leaf-based bsp-tree. The proc file contains a lot of models. Some of the models are the leafs (called areas) of the bsp-tree, but I'm not sure about the others. A model consists of some surfaces, similar to the faces in Q3 I think. There are also some other structures like the connection between the areas (called interAreaPortals) and shadowvolumes (?). To render the map we also need the map file, because the proc doesn't contain any information about entities. The cm file is just the collision model so not directly of interest. I heard somewhere that the aas files are for collision detection of different monster sizes, it seems correct if you look into the files. I'm not sure how visibility is handled in Doom3. Maybe they use only frustum culling (BBs of the areas or maybe testing the visibility of the interAreaPortals). But the proc Files doesn't contain any BBs. Bye, Oesi PS: sorry for my english ;)
  2. Doom 3 .map question

    well there is a map editor in doom3, but I can't say if it's useful or not, because I don't have any mapping experience, skills or knowledge ;) But I guess ID created the game with it, so it should be quite good :) Simply start D3 with "Doom3 +editor" or start the Game, press CTRL-ALT-~ to open the console and type editor <enter>. In both cases Doom3 will be started and then it switches back to the desktop with the editor. Bye, Oesi
  3. Doom 3 .map question

    hmm...I'm quite shure that it's a 2x3 Matrix and not just "2 points". I made a simple cube with a texture on it and for every plane it was the same matrix. So if it were points they wouldn't even lay in the plane... Bye, Oesi
  4. Doom 3 .map question

    ok, next step :) It seems that rendering a doom3 map is a little more complicated as a rendering Q3 map... With the editor I can verify that the brushes are a set of planes. And I agree with LogicalError that the next thing is a 2x3 matrix. I think it is for translating the worldspace coordinates in texture coordinates. The planes in the brush define a volume, so our vertices are the intersections of three planes. Bye, Oesi Edit: typo
  5. Doom 3 .map question

    well the first 4 floats look more like a plane to me take a look in some more .map files and you'll see that the 3 first floats doas always form a unit vector maybe the other two 3xfloats aren't the texcoords but information of the point in the plane? but why does a brushDef3 has 6 vertices?
  6. Debug vs Release (vc6)

    try initializing all your Pointers in non-extremly-time-critical sections with null or a valid value :) and you should check before using them.... another possibility is, that you are writing out of the bounds of a memory chunk