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  1. I'm looking into the issue...
  2. hello... first things first: i'm not dead nor have i been abducted by aliens (as far as i know).. the story remains the same: i haven't abandoned the site. it's just sitting there. i will resume work on it some day. don't know when. it is not entirely true i don't have any free time at all. i do, but i do other things during it. my typical school day (now 5 times a week): i get up, all sleepy, drag myself to school, after it go to the gym (i try to do it 4 times a week), get home at around six to seven in the evening. then i'm just too tired to do anything (because of the 4-6h of sleep i got last night). i spend too much time idleing because i'm in no productive mood. i start doing my homework at around ten-twelve and go to sleep at one or later, only to wake up at seven. on weekends i use the free time i could have used during my schooldays to do work on a content management system i'm building with a friend. the project is a very large full-blown state-of-the-art powerful and very feature-rich php-based content management system that could basically run any site. it's not complete nor will it be for a while... but it's quite useable, some sites are running on top of it and the 1.0 version is not far. when it is ready i will make the cone3d site run on it thus making site updates and maintance a lot easier. currently it's quite troublesome to post news on the site. i have to create a new textfile, upload it and increment the number in the 'counter' text file. a stupid system, i know. but that's how it was made at that time. and i won't even get into how the talkbox works or how fun it is to add images to the gallery. when the cms it at the 1.0 state, i *will* make the cone3d site run on it and because it is very easy to update content with it i will be more active on the site. if by no other method then by quietly adding new images/cool photos to the gallery (which imho kicks ass). also the cms has a kick-ass translation engine, so that might also bring some (positive) changes to the site. maybe it will happen during the christmas (like PnP Bios predicts :P), dunno. we'll see. also, sorry for the unanswered emails. i usually just don't feel like answering emails because i just generally feel bad about not updating the site. if i get up to it, i'll write replies. just don't take anything (the nonexisting replies) personally. oh, and so you'd know. i don't spend all of my free time (at the weekends or whatnot) on the cms. i have a thing that scitentists and philosophers alike (not to mention 1337 net folks) might call a life (and a great gf as well. not to brag, but just to show off :P... and i do spend much of my free time with her).