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    Game art general questions

    Hello, I am currently developing a game and I am a programmer, not an artist. I have just been using cheap placeholders for current art, but the game is progressing faster and further than I had previously thought and I would like to hire someone to make some sprites and other art for the game. I was wondering how someone would go about doing this and how much it will cost for quite a bit of 2D game art with exclusive rights to the art. Thanks
  2. PandemicGaming

    Define this game for me...

    Alright, thanks
  3. PandemicGaming

    Define this game for me...

  4. PandemicGaming

    Define this game for me...

    I added a video at the top of the page.
  5. PandemicGaming

    Define this game for me...

    Would a game that loads a background 'map' in a WHOLE image with a moderately large size (in px) and renders ONLY the part the user sees while moving considered a tile-based game? The game is top-down view, just so you know. If you need more of an example, feel free to ask, I will record what is made so far and show you what I mean. Thanks. P.S.: [color="#1C2837"]Also, the map images (PNG format) is only ~288 KB, so I'm not worrying about performance just yet. On my computer I'm running the game over 2000 fps , but I am now capping fps to 20. I'm sure that will be enough. [color="#1C2837"] EDIT: Here is a video: [media][/media]
  6. PandemicGaming

    Which college to go to?

    Kiy: I work logically, just like computers, and I am talented at programming (in my own opinion of course ). I have a pretty nice creativity when it comes to designing games, but the whole design process is boring to me. I like brining things to life with the power of programming. And yes, I'm working on a game now, with a lot of progress for only about 5 hours of programming. I am thinking once it is done to release free, but accept donations (I know that was way off topic). I do like DigiPen, and have requested packets from every school I could find a link to that I was interested in. I've read that DigiPen's staff are arrogant and close minded, but most are kind and friendly. 
  7. PandemicGaming

    Which college to go to?

    Thanks PropheticEdge. I'm still very unsure right now what I'm going to do, but as I come nearer to college, I will make my decision, which hopefully will be a good one.
  8. PandemicGaming

    Which college to go to?

    Promit Roy: I'm not fully sure to be honest. I think all that I really need (I may be being arrogant right now) is more experience in programming games (which is what I am doing currently). I just think that programming in a company would be more challenging than in my bedroom, and college would help prepare me for that. I could be completely wrong though.
  9. PandemicGaming

    Which college to go to?

    Wow, thanks Tom. I spent a while reading a bunch of the FAQs there. Seems like it doesn't matter that much which college I go to, per se, but as long as I graduate I should be good. At GameCareerGuide.com there is a list of top schools, and all three that I listed are on that list, SMU then DigiPen then Depaul. I'll look at past students made and where they work now (if I can find it of course). Thanks everyone.
  10. PandemicGaming

    Which college to go to?

    Well my dad is in the military and he transferred his GI Bill to me, which I don't know exactly how much that covers, but it's an added plus. My dad and mom are divorced and neither are 'rich', so maybe, but probably not. I can get loans or whatever.
  11. PandemicGaming

    Which college to go to?

    Any good schools that you know of that have a nice computer science major?
  12. PandemicGaming

    Semi-transparent button

    His leg is seen through it.
  13. PandemicGaming

    Which college to go to?

    Hello, sorry for the kind-of-double post, but this one is a tad bit different. Anyways, I am 16 and I plan on going to college so eventually I can work as a game programmer. I am very intelligent, 3.9 GPA with 31 on ACT, so I'm pretty sure I can get into any of these colleges (hopefully ). I am also a fluent programmer with knowledge and experience in C++, Java, PHP, etc. I am currently making a little 2d tile game, which I hope will turn out great (gameplay wise of course). I am also very conscious of programming logic and a little game theory. I am wanting to go to college in 2 years, and I was wondering which would be best out of these three: DePaul's Game Development (programming concentrate), SMU Guildhall, or DigiPen's RTIS. Thank you
  14. PandemicGaming

    College Choice?

    Hmm, I just ran across SMU Guildhall, which also looks respectable, and it closer to where I live currently. So right now my choices are between: Depaul, DigiPen, and SMU... Any thoughts?
  15. PandemicGaming

    College Choice?

    Well I was looking at DigiPen (just now) and it looks pretty respectable, with all of the games students there have contributed with. I requested an information packet, any other schools you would recommend?
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