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  1. Zeypher

    Adding Xbox 360 Avatars

    Thanks for the link!
  2. I have a game design idea that requires me to use an avatar character for a race-type game. I can always make the player create their own avatars, but I would also like to add in the possibility to import your Xbox 360 avatars that pops up when you start up the system. Any source code available on that or knowledge on how I could program that into my game. Any resources will be highly appreciated!
  3. Think about it this way! Apple was taken... whether they knew it or not, they've used it. Got big and suddenly some other company who has the same name wanted to sue them for it. They paid the royalities for it, but since you are big... that was short change and won't hurt your business. (Both companies still exist)
  4. Zeypher

    Experience Needed?

    To what extend where these game mods or hobby projects... I am currently working on a text-based rpg console application during my past time. I find it enjoyable but its not "fancy" or anything...
  5. Zeypher

    Experience Needed?

    All of the job opportunity out there for Game Development require you have two years experience or more while being entry level position. For example I've did a quick search for EA games for an entry position as a Level Designer. Most of the qualification I would be good with except for the fact they also require "Work Experience in the gaming industry". As I get closer to graduating college and soon applying for work, how could I get job experience if they require someone with job experience in such positions? Seems like an impossible cycle...
  6. Zeypher

    Selling eternal life! Is anyone interested?

    We are not just talking about memories here, we are talking about your entire brain! What you want will be what it wants and that is without question but the thing I'm not so sure about is what would happen to a person if they were given such endless potential. Personally I'm quite sure if I were put into a machine the first thing I would start considering would be to make copies of myself. [/quote] Evetually I think at first it would be amazing and you can finally achieve all the goals you set out to do that your human body couldn't survive through. But after you completed all the goals you have, what more is there to really live for. I think you could evenutally be bored and feel like there's much else to do. Then again others like myself always have different goals to achieve so once I finish one task, two pop up that I could do. So this would benefit those with similar desires.
  7. Zeypher

    Selling eternal life! Is anyone interested?

    If it was possible to make a robot to contain your memories, I think eventually the robot will realize that these memories are not his/her but rather someone elses. From then on, it will change its own life to do what "it" wants to do versus what the memories are. It will create its own identity versus copying someone elses...
  8. Hey what's up? Any new games recently? I've checked out that one for download that you've programmed and I really liked it.
  9. Zeypher

    The Dancing Monkey

    Haha that's funny!
  10. Zeypher

    I'm awesome

    Wow cool stuff you got it! Simple, and easy to get into! You are indeed awesome! I plan to get as awesome as you one day once I learn more of programming!
  11. Zeypher

    Is it really worth getting a Wii 2?

    Game consoles are not mutually exclusive things. Just because you purchase one system doesn't mean you must abandon the others. [/quote] That's true! In fact I still play older titles! Althought I would prefer if the console was backward compatible but I will still play older titles....
  12. Zeypher

    Osama Bin Laden is Dead.

    All good and well! But I feel this may get worst for those who really hate American and those who are deployed... getting rocketed more! I've been out there before this news, it will be a matter of time before something will escalate! Stay safe out there!
  13. Is it wrong to like c++ more than c#? Oh well, still using both...
  14. Zeypher

    good rpg engine?

    Great link! I will keep my eye on these educational resources!
  15. Zeypher

    good rpg engine?

    For a beginner, it'll be best suited to start with any one of RPG Maker series. I got into RPG Maker since its 95+ version which I've later upgraded to 2000, 2K3, XP, and VX. You could try to download the latest version, but I believe it's about 50$ to get the full version. I'll recommend looking into 2K3 version as it's free... at least last time I remember. But if you decide to buy VX, you can also get into programming with ruby which can really enhance the quality of your RPGs. Best of luck!
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