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  1. Hey what's up? Any new games recently? I've checked out that one for download that you've programmed and I really liked it.
  2. Zeypher

    The Dancing Monkey

    Haha that's funny!
  3. Zeypher

    I'm awesome

    Wow cool stuff you got it! Simple, and easy to get into! You are indeed awesome! I plan to get as awesome as you one day once I learn more of programming!
  4. Is it wrong to like c++ more than c#? Oh well, still using both...
  5. Yay! I got an internship for C# game development.... i think. lol
  6. Can't wait to get home and start more programming...
  7. Well I wish you and your team luck on the project you guys are working on.
  8. I'm curious. What do you have in mind for a game? What genre?
  9. Well, I'll say that I'm the lead game designer who can contribute concept art, GUI for the game's interface, and decent writing. For the team I've assembled I got two 3D modelers on my team. So far I haven't got programmers and animators on my team so I'll be looking for some after I can amaze them with some decent concept art and a solid idea for characters, weapons, a...
  10. Yes, I've been developing a team as I keep working on a game concept I have in mind. I don't have much to show yet, but as soon as I get everything finalized I'll expand and recruit some people online. I hope that I can learn something as I go because I'm not a professional game designer, so I figure that I should start working with others so I can have a better feel of how to w...
  11. One more week and I can finally leave Afghanistan... :D
  12. Working on a story for Codename: Fox...
  13. Finished Version 1.0 of my game; Codename: "Fox" for GM
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