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  1. Happy Hangover Day
  2. Thanks for that link laztrezort. I'm going through the links within it and seeing what all there is to offer. I also plan on buying this e-book sometime in the near future. It's super new so unfortunately there are no reviews yet for it. The name however seems to fit exactly what I'm looking for.
  3. Im also curious and this is in the XNA department. I heard of a XNA program called Sunburn and saw the website. Is it like a game maker in it self? And I don't mean a run of the mill one, I mean like a map editor basically. I'm just curious if it would be worth the investment since we are working on XNA.
  4. To put it short, with the description in my intial post of our small team. Where would we begin despite me having to learn programming, when they can alreay make sprites and maps?
  5. I know there has to be thousands of "Where to start?" threads. Well this is sorta one of them but more refind. A couple friends and myself have decided we want to make a type of platform game using the XNA platform. There are 3 of us all together and we all plan to have a main part in the developement as well as doing other minor parts. I am the Lead Programmer of the group, the others two are focusing on art and design on the game. Like I stated we are all going to be working on all parts of the game together, we will just have our own specialties.   Now the problem lies with the fact that we are all VERY new. I am not a programmer at all. I do however have some basic knowledge on the subject and I am curently working through learning python. From thier I plan on going into C# and XNA. How is this a problem? Well without me programing straight away my 2 friends have nothing to really work for. (If I am not mistaken) I will be the one putting everything together and making it work. So sure they can make the art, animations, sounds and music. But they won't have anything to really show for it until I am finished with my studies.   One of our dev members wanted me to ask this on here. Mainly because of the above and because we are all new to Game developement itself, and the programs needed to make games.   *EDIT* Don't know why but my Third Paragraph (Suppose to be before the last one) didn't post with this, or I deleted it by mistake and posted. Regardless see my other post for what I was trying to ask...
  6. Thanks for the offer Amaz1ng but I'm not really looking for something like this just yet. Ill definitely keep it in mind though. I think i was misunderstood here. I understand what I want to do is a very lengthy investment, I have more time in the world right now then anything. I just want to be pointed in the right direction of what languages I should look into and any other helpful information would be awesome. I'm not looking to be some kind of huge booming business type deal. That's why in my title description it says project. This MMO I want to make is just a personal project, I'm not trying to make money here. So If starting out in text based and 2d games is the way to go that's fine by me, I just need to know what to look for.
  7. [quote name='Tom Sloper' timestamp='1300923456' post='4789723'] [quote name='y1nn' timestamp='1300922607' post='4789717']I saw the list of books on the main page, those are fine but I'd rather have a personal recommendation. [/quote] Why? What's wrong with the experts' recommendations that are equally good for everyone? Why are their recommendations not good enough for you? [/quote] I don't mean any offense to them. I would just prefer a recommendation from someone other then what is listed.All I see is a summary of what the books are of which anyone can tell simply by reading the back. The only ones I see with more detail are the ones that have been featured. I would just like a little more background on books for beginners or anything for someone just starting out really.
  8. [quote name='Splinter of Chaos' timestamp='1300921956' post='4789715'] Point is, make this a long term goal. Very long term. [/quote] I plan on it trust me. Ok maybe my first post was a bit too dreamy in terms of what I want to do. I understand that this is a very long and time devoted procedure. I my self wasn't planning on learning everything it takes to single handily make an MMO, that seems impossible for me at the moment. Here is a better question. Where should I start then in terms of general game programing? I saw the list of books on the main page, those are fine but I'd rather have a personal recommendation. Website's books, and videos would be really appreciated.
  9. Hello everyone, this is sorta my introductory post and first question. I'm currently enrolled at the Art institutes and I'm studying Game Art and Design. I've been attending there so far for over a year now and I'm really enjoying it. Anyhow I've become very bored lately and decided I wanted to get a head start on what I'll be learning later on at AI. Me and my roommate decided on starting a very lengthy project of making and Indie MMO. We want to really learn it all and we've already have had people tell us that they are interested in joining us when the time comes. Now I saw the other post about someone else just getting started. I read through all of the replies as well and didn't know if any of there posts were suited at my angle. Basically I want to get started on programing and wanted to know where I should begin in terms of programing needed for MMOs. I know there is probably a lot of different languages and things I need to learn, and I am ready for this. I don't know if it is possible to specialize in one type of programming for an MMO. If it is possible I would like to browse the different types before I make my pick. I'm already experienced in 3D art with 3DS Max 2011, Maya and Mudbox. But any starting information pertaining to that would also be nice as well. if its MMO related (or not, Ill still give it a read). As of right now I'm just dabbling in Python and reading about it. I heard it was a great beginners language so I figured why not, even if it isnt useful for MMOs. If it is useful then tell me. I don't know enough about any MMO coding to determine if it is or not. Thank you, y1nn