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  1. Hero Test - My 48 Hour Game

    lol, i loved it!
  2. Hey everyone, wasn't sure where to put my first post so I figured the spam folder is fitting I'm new-ish to game development, my buddies and I spent a lot of time growing up making games in Visual basic, but it's been a LONG time. I squarely fit into the artist category, I've spent a lot of time trying to learn programming and I repeatedly fail miserably - not that I don't understand how it works conceptually. . .it's just that the maths don't compute, know what I mean? The big problem with this is that I have a lot of game ideas, and (I think) they're good ones, but not being able to program stops me from just making them. I love art, but I really really love games, and always have. Probably my favorite game of all time is x-com: ufo defense, and I have always been excited when a new clone of this game comes out, but somehow nobody ever seems to really capture the spirit of the original. A worthy remake of this is probably what I get most excited about creating, especially something that would run on android and iOS. Other favorites are Fallout, Deus Ex, Thief, Knights of the Old Republic, & Battlefield Bad Co. 2 I'm married with kids so gaming is more casual for me these days but I do spend a lot of spare time working in 2d/3d. Anyway, good to meet you all, I hope there's someone out there like me that can program so that we can make beautiful games together! I'm sure I'll be posting more