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  1. Anomalous Interactive is a brand new indie company based in Melbourne Australia. We have just released our first game ‘Homemade Shooter’ and we are very proud of it. [media][/media] You play as a fifth grade mercenary for hire, your mission... protect the kindergartener's drink stall from the big mean thieving bullies by any means necessary. Use homemade weapons to fend off the bullies so the kindergarteners can stay in business and sell their delicious slurp! Be careful though, there are delivery men that need to get through the carnage without getting hurt. You have an arsenal of homemade shooter weapons at your disposal; a slingshot, an ice cream scoop machine gun and a citrus cannon. Pack grapes, muffins, soda bombs and many other objects into your weapons to unleash some mayhem and repel those big mean bullies!" Tap the screen to shoot as bullies keep coming in infinite numbers trying to steal from the lemonade stall. Defend it as long as possible and rack up a huge multiplier and score This game is no LEMON!! Please check out Homemade Shooter and leave us your feedback, comments and suggestions
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