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  1. I am looking into my options for sound and music on a project I am currently working on. I would like to have all the sound effects complement the music if possible. The problem is that I know absolutely nothing about music. Im hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction. I guess my question is how do you know what sounds go with other sounds? Are there any tricks or universal rules I can take advantage of? I found [url=""]this[/url]. It sounds good no matter what you do. You can not make it sound horrible. How did they achieve this? Any insight on this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks! =)
  2. Luabind to access classes.

    Is it possible to pass a self parameter to lua from the c++ side? Also so you must make a global function for each of your lua classes? Edit: Your post convinced me to play around with is some more. I managed to get it to work with aggregation but I cant get inheritance to work. In lua I have: [code] class 'Derived' function Derived:__init(userdata) self.gameObject = userdata userdata:setName("name set from lua") self.gameObject:printName() end [/code] That works just fine. I can access my game object through the lua "gameObject" field. But does anyone know why this wouldnt work: [code]class 'Derived' (GameObject) function Derived:__init() self:setName("name set from lua") self:printName() end[/code] I read somewhere that you can use super to call the base class constructor. That throws errors. I tried directly calling __init and that throws errors as well. EDIT: I was wrong, it doesnt work as I previously thought. I can edit the data in the constructor but I cant call any other functions from the lua object even though i set "self.gameObject = userdata". I must be missing something...
  3. Luabind to access classes.

    After searching exhaustively for the answer to this, I have found no results. I have decided to ditch luabind and create my own structure for binding classes on top of lua. If anyone has any suggestions or resources let me know =)
  4. Hi, I want to have a class representing a game object and I want to be able to have access to it from both lua and c++. Right now I parse my scene file and call this code to create objects: luabind::object myObject = globals(L)[name]["__init"](); GameObject *gameObject = luabind::object_cast<GameObject*> ( myObject ); This does call the luabind object and return the game object. I have verified this by changing the "name" value in my lua constructor and printing it out in the GameObject update function on the c++ side. The problem is I dont know how to continue to call lua functions on this object. Does anyone have any ideas? EDIT: So since the lua __init function called above can change members on the game object, I have no idea why this wouldnt work: luabind::object myObject = globals(L)[name]["__init"](); myObject["update"](); Calling update makes it crash. And if i call update in the constructor of the derived lua class, it calls the c++ GameObject update D=