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  1. -5 reputation in one day. What did I do?
  2. C++ Books?

    Please, Calm down. I'm treated like a bag of crap everywhere else in life, so I enjoy talking cocky every rare once in a while. Sorry.
  3. Look at my reputation! Yay, that makes me so happy.
  4. C++ Books?

    I have nothing to lie about. What other age 15 people ask their parents for a book about compiler design on their 16th birthday? In precision, I do not own a mistake. All of the mistake here belongs to zee_ola05.
  5. C++ Books?

    zee_ola05, don't worry. I've been programming since I was eight. age 16 - age 8 = 8 years of experience. I checked your profile, and I guarantee that I know much more than you do. Don't take that lightly.
  6. C++ Books?

    All I'm getting is this: And possibly new computer parts. Cheers!
  7. C++ Books?

    Okay, this is what I have chosen so far: Code Complete 2 [url=""][/url] Effective STL [url=""][/url] I'm not so sure about the "Dragon" book, but it does look like a good option. I'm also considering this: A Retargetable C Compiler [url=""][/url] I don't have Linux on my PC, so the POSIX book wouldn't be the best choice for me. What about edd's second suggestion: Patterns for Parallel Programming [url=""][/url] I also looked into Thread Building blocks, but I'm most likely not going to buy it. Now as I've been browsing for good books, I saw plenty of GPU books. nVidia seems to have set a trend with GPU Gems. There's also Game Programming Gems, Game Engine Gems .etc I guess I should pick a game oriented book as well? The first volume of Game Programming Gems looks very comprehensive. [url=""][/url] EDIT: I can't be believe this! I forgot to add my regards -- Thank you so much. Keep up the suggestions, and God bless you all, Ben EDIT: Woah.. Game Programming Gems is too expensive. I'm definitely keeping it off the final list. I can ask for about $150 dollars worth of stuff. current finals ($59) + current considerations ($71) = total of $130 Also, I need to keep in mind that I have limited time to read, so there's no way I'm going to consider everything. However, I'm going to try keeping this topic going until I reach at least $125 of final choices. EDIT: Never mind Code Complete as a definite choice. I carefully over-viewed it's content again. I really don't think it's my level. I probably won't get it.
  8. C++ Books?

    @Servant of the Lord Okay, I started reading reviews about that book. Thank you for showing me this! It's not at a high price, and it looks great. I'll definitely buy a copy.
  9. C++ Books?

    [font="Verdana"]I understand that my 16th birthday is coming soon, on the 19th of April. I'm pretty spoiled about this.. Of course, I want [s]a ca[/s]r programming books. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions, based on this: [/font][list=1][*][font="Verdana"] I'm looking for [b]hands-on[/b], thorough books that teach the essentials to skillful usage of C++. Maybe something from Bjarne Stroustrup, or likewise ? [url=""][/url][/font][*][font="Verdana"] I want to get into modern computing (threading/concurrency), and learn information about the 'latest-and-greatest' practical C++ programming. C++0x? Boost?[/font][*][font="Verdana"] It would be extremely handy to have books about low level craft. They should explain essential knowledge about parsing, compiling, linking etc. I want to write a special resource compiler which is compatible with GCC/MinGW object files.[/font][/list][font="Verdana"] If you also know of good online resources about these, please let me know! Thanks in advanced.[/font]
  10. Simple Application Design

    Could you give me an example of such a class? I don't know what a 'pure virtual interface' is.
  11. [quote name='Locater16' timestamp='1301958132' post='4794404'] [quote name='helloBenjamin' timestamp='1301947923' post='4794346'] [quote]they're sitting on a pretty hot technological breakthrough, so they can't even afford to post an executable or reveal anything that could lead others to reproduce those results. [/quote] Any well-off graphics company could EASILY reproduce the results. [/quote] Yep, successful middleware is almost universally based of making tools, even the big engine licenses like UE3 mostly make their sales off good tools. Speaking of which, the demonstrations of animations have me wondering if this will indeed be the future. No need for base meshes and displacement or normal maps, and that Lionhead demonstration already shows art tools that could take advantage of such. My main question is what sort of disk space is going to be taken up by these models. Higher profit margins means digital distribution is going to be quite popular on the next generation of consoles, but few will want to download a fifty gig game. [/quote] We already have bitmap compression. And computers are getting so powerful, why not procedurally generate the details on the fly? [quote]Yep, this is one thing that makes them seem pretty removed from reality. They're completely ignoring all of the prior art and pretending that their work is unique.[/quote] Now that's what I'm talking about! Voxels are much better than this "Unlimited Detail Technology" crap. Although, I would really like like to see parts of it used in voxel rendering technology.
  12. [quote]they're sitting on a pretty hot technological breakthrough, so they can't even afford to post an executable or reveal anything that could lead others to reproduce those results. [/quote] Any well-off graphics company could EASILY reproduce the results.
  13. Yeah, I think this "Unlimited Detail Technology" company is going to die out without anything to show off. The way the guy talks about "polygon technology" is certainly good for making fun of. Honestly, they have a good idea, but they don't know how to do it right. Ehm..
  14. Neural Networks book for newbies.

    Games don't need neural networks (at least in Artificial Intelligence). However, Artificial intelligence for any purpose is nevertheless interesting. I'm actually interested in what else 'neural networks' could be used for in a game... or application.
  15. Simple Application Design

    No, it can't. Should I make this more object oriented?