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    VS2010 project defaults?

    Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user is the template for all 32 bit cpp applications, I put my fmod lib/inc paths as well as my D3D lib/inc paths there and I never have to touch path settings again for any of my d3d or fmod applications. I have several computers that I develop on with different paths to the sdk's, if the settings were stored in my projects or solutions I would not be able to easily switch computers while developing. by setting the paths in the property manager I can change machines without having to deal with the path issues every time. the link provided by GWDev is basically editing the same files, only the property manager method is user friendly (albiet alot of information to sift through) here's what my Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user.props file looks like: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Project DefaultTargets="Build" ToolsVersion="4.0" xmlns="<a href="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003">http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003</a>"> <PropertyGroup> <IncludePath>C:\DevStudio10\SDK\fmod\api\inc;C:\DevStudio10\SDK\DirectX\Include;C:\DevStudio10\SDK\FMOD\api\inc;C:\DevStudio10\SDK\DevIL\include;$(IncludePath)</IncludePath> </PropertyGroup> <PropertyGroup> <LibraryPath>C:\DevStudio10\SDK\fmod\api\lib;C:\DevStudio10\SDK\DirectX\Lib\x86;C:\DevStudio10\SDK\FMOD\api\lib;C:\DevStudio10\SDK\DevIL\lib;$(LibraryPath)</LibraryPath> </PropertyGroup> </Project>
  2. Ximmer

    VS2010 project defaults?

    With a c++ project loaded, click View->Property Manager Expand your project and then any of the configurations Double click Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user Edit the VC++ Directories here and then any of your Cpp projects should inherit these values
  3. You could test for each type of object for obj in rootScene.world.children do ( case superclassof obj of ( GeometryClass: -- Do stuff with geometry Helper: -- Do stuff with helpers ) )
  4. try for obj in rootScene.world.children do ( -- stuff )
  5. Ximmer

    Changing Local axis in 3dsMax

    Sorry I don't have experience with that specific exporter, but I think your exporter is exporting at the editors origin and not your objects origin. Turn of Axis edit mode and move your cylinder to (0, 0, 0) so the local objects axis is positioned at the editors origin and try again. If that doesn't solve it a more experienced person would be better to answer.
  6. Ximmer

    Lua Callbacks in C

    I think you have 2 options, #1 Pass the name of the function and store that for a later: lua_pushstring(L, callback_function_name); lua_getglobal(L, -1); #2 Save the function on the stack to a temporary unique global and save the name of that global in your event or what have you
  7. Ximmer

    Faceted looking model

    You probably need to weld the verticies. Try going into vertex mode, select all the vertecies and in the weld section press the selected button with a fairly small threshold value (the default of 0.1 usually works) Then your smoothing groups should work better.
  8. Ximmer

    Lua syntax error

    I don't think you can do return self.current = startscene(self, ...) in lua. I beleive it should be like self.current = startscene(self, args) return self.current
  9. Ximmer

    3DS max question

    I'm not terribly good at max, but one way I know how to insert loops in max (for editable poly's) is to select a ring and press the connect button.
  10. I use if(GetAsyncKeyState(vkey_here) & 0x8000) { do_stuff } when I don't want to bother with using DInput
  11. Ximmer

    parsing .obj files

    from a quick glance over the code something that sticks out to me as a potential bottleneck is that your storing your vertecies, normals, and tex coords in linked lists. Then in the loadFace function you have to search for the correct vertex, normal, and uv coord for each face for every vertex. While the vertex count should be easy to determine from a model, the normal and uv count could baloon into astronomical numbers (worst case count would be faces * 3) I would recommend just using something like std::vector<vnode *> for temporarily storing the vertecies normals and uv's until your done loading the model and then discard them when your done loading. This would take your face building function from O(n) to O(1) and should greatly help with your loading speeds as well as make the code easier to read.
  12. This appears to be an off by one error, index buffers in 3dsmax are 1 based while in D3D they are 0 based. try adding a -1 to your index buffer creation and see if it corrects your models ibuffer[3*i - 3] = (*((int*)(contentbuffer + 8 + 12*nVertices + 4*(3*i - 3)))) - 1; ibuffer[3*i - 2] = (*((int*)(contentbuffer + 8 + 12*nVertices + 4*(3*i - 2)))) - 1; ibuffer[3*i - 1] = (*((int*)(contentbuffer + 8 + 12*nVertices + 4*(3*i - 1)))) - 1;
  13. Ximmer

    using FMOD for PONG

    Cool =) As a side note you can pass in FSOUND_FREE for the channel parameter and the function should return the channel that fmod has decided to play the sound on, you can use this method when you want to have alot of sound effects playing that might overlap each other
  14. Ximmer

    using FMOD for PONG

    You can't play 2 sounds on one channel, try changing the channel on your paddel hit sound so it doesn't try and use an already playing channel
  15. Ximmer

    Dot product in Cg?

    I couldn't get it to work until I changed the code to: vec2 test1 = vec2(1.0,1.0); vec2 test2 = vec2(1.0,15.0); float res = dot(test1, test2); if(res == 16.0) { gl_FragColor = vec4 (0,1,0,1); }else{ gl_FragColor = vec4 (1,0,0,1); } was getting all kinds of warnings trying to compile the original version of that
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