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    Progressing from college to Uni and into the games industry in the UK in one smooth movement is no easy feat. Here I plan to blog about the final part of this journey, detailing all the work I do to attempt to make this transition a certainty, and all the obstacles and blessings I come across. Currently I am in my 3rd out of 4 years of University, which is my year in industry, and I am working for GE doing Business Intelligence & Application development/Solution Delivery. Although unrelated to my Animation/Games focused education, this year should provide invaluable as a tool to land me interviews almost anywhere (A good reference from GE is a good reference from the 4th largest, most successful company in the world.) I heard about GDNet from a friend and though I would come and check it out and try to join a project or two to expand my portfolio, and after posting in the forum offering my help, I was inundated with a lot of requests. My skill set seemed very desirable (there's another plus point in the effort). I am limited on time currently, due to my placement and also the planning and drafting of my final year project, s i only had time to join one project and so i decided to take a multi functional role on the team for Vita Essentia, a steampunk RPG being developed in UDK, something I haven't had much experience in so far, so I get to expand my repetoire of knowledge here too. This site looks like it will be a great tool for connecting with other professionals and also developing myself to get ready for the industry. Stay tuned for the next step I take towards attempting to perfect myself for a jump into the Games Industry in about 16 - 18 months time.
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