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  1. Strange GLSL bug

  2. Strange GLSL bug

  3. Strange GLSL bug

  4. Rendering issue

    [quote name='george_azure' timestamp='1301671235' post='4793101'] It's dimensions must be the size of your viewport and power of two, if you plan on rendering to it and render the scene at the same time. [/quote] I don't need you to tell me what my texture must be. I need to know how to render to the screen and to it at the same time.
  5. Rendering issue

    [quote name='george_azure' timestamp='1301669770' post='4793087'] "Pixelated" means that your texture is too small. [/quote] The size of the texture is roughly 3000x3000. Making it any bigger is not an option.
  6. Rendering issue

    My goal is to draw to a FBO object and the screen at the same time. The trick is to avoid rendering the scene twice as it is considerably slow. So far, i have been able to render to a texture, but the result is pixelated and far from i want to achieve. I have also tried the method which is used in the source engine and alpha testing. Unfortunately, neither prove to resolve the issue.
  7. A legacy question

    Thank you for the quick response. Seems quite logical to remove such a function (or not write it in the first place) so i'll go with that in my repost. Besides, i was considering making up something about pixel data anyway.
  8. A legacy question

    [quote name='karwosts' timestamp='1301343879' post='4791472'] Where exactly did you read about this? From the ARB FBO extension it looks like it never existed at all (was rejected by developers): [quote] Features we have rejected include: * GetRenderbufferImage (benefit/demand does not seem to outweigh the additional complexity.) [/quote] [/quote] It is exactly where i read it. Yet again, they mention demand which would suggest people actually wanted this function to exist. To what purpose?
  9. A legacy question

    Hi, everyone. As you might have noticed, I am new to GameDEV, so if i am posting this in a wrong section or doing anything not as supposed to be done please tell me. My question is about a function i stumbled on while going through the ARB FBO documentation. The function in question is getRenderBufferImage (). Google yielded no results (apart from the aforementioned site), so i was hoping that someone has heard of it or perhaps even used it. If so, please give me a hint to what it did (as it is no longer supported, i think?). P.P.: I am asking about this because this specific function i have to include in a report and since no one has heard of it i have hit quite a thick wall.