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  1. [font="Arial"][size="2"]Hi all, I have some questions about GUI/HUD, data loading and rendering. [left] [/left][left][color="#333333"][b]1. GUI/HUD[/b] I would like to ask how to make user interface and 2D graphic in most effective way. Should I firstly render 3D scene, switch to projection scene, set ortho and then render 2D graphics? Is this lame/ineffective? Second option is to render those 2D items as rectangles and then rotate/translate them depending on camera position. Whitch of those two ways is more suitable? How do you render user interface? [b]2. Data loading. [/b] I my project a want a nice "loading" screen. How do you implement dynamics of loading screen elements? My first solution is to split rendering and data loading into two threads. Is it a good solution/what is your oppinion? [b]3. Rendering [/b] Basically I am searching for optimal solution of concurrent rendering and data processing/event handling. Thanks for all your advices, solutions, replies.[/color][/left][/size][/font][font="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][/font]
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