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  1. Programming Portfolio

      When applying for a programming position, how important is it to have a source code of such a large project available? I have several completed and released non-AAA sized games I can point at and say "I did that on my own/in a team", but either the source is not something I can give out, or the project is very old and not representing my current abilities (you can read that as the code not being pretty, I can do much better now, but for the more current projects I don't have the authority to show the source around).   Would just pointing at complete games, without having the source for them available, be enough in a programmer's portfolio (maybe in addition to code snippets as opposed to large project sources) to land a job? I've also been wondering, how much worth such a portfolio would be when applying for a programming job outside of game development?
  2. [quote name='glhf' timestamp='1333915447' post='4929385'] But 6 seconds isn't set in stone.. It's just a number someone earlier in the thread created. [/quote] it comes from D&D. [quote name='glhf' timestamp='1333915447' post='4929385'] But if I'm imagining it correct you're talking about something like Civ.. Then the easiest way to remove turn based is just to remove it. Let the player take as much time as he needs to do the 600 province things you're talking about.. and the player who does it faster and thinks faster and better will win. [/quote] Then it would turn into a different game that requires different skills. Not necessarily more or less skill, but different kind of skill. As it has been stated several times by now, reflexes and speed are not the only set of skills a game can require. Turn basedness removes the requirement for fast reflexes and reactions - a player without those can still excel at the game - placing emphasis on a different set of skills.
  3. Theory: players don't know what they want

    [quote name='J03_b' timestamp='1333833932' post='4929157'] I said that in my previous posts, and I understand your opinion, but I just wish the devs wouldn't cater to players like you when they've already got so many players like me [/quote] So now you're not arguing anymore that players don't know what they want, just that they want different things than you? I somewhat agree with the notion that players often don't understand that what they are asking would actually be detrimental to the game, but it seems this thread has now derailed to discuss something else.