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  1. Hey, help?

    [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1302681769' post='4797838'] [quote name='BB1995' timestamp='1302681475' post='4797835'] Also, I don't get what Hodgman did....All he/she did was quote what I said....What's up with that? I don't understand...[/quote]I was quoting the fact that you specifically state, that you're specifically asking for links to code. Then when you're given links, you insult people and turn around and ask for a mentor instead. And BTW, that quake2 zip contains a MSVC project (with c source and header files) that you [b]can [/b]import into code::blocks. [/quote] Well, duh! You ppl here couldn't be mentors even if you were all combined together! lol. Notice my other post about this site being a total fail? It's the truth. Also, I re-checked the zip file and nothing. NADA. SHIT! Stop making this crap up...What, you're calling me blind??? I went through all 16 of the folders and there were only odd, unrecognized files by Windows OS. I'm pretty sure I checked all of them and saw no MSVC(which, by the way, is totally gay, I hate that IDE)project. Try harder at fooling me next time!
  2. OpenGL No cameras in OpenGL..... :(

    [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1302681406' post='4797833'] The projection matrix is used to define the field-of-view of the camera, by loading a perspective matrix into it. You can use the [font="Lucida Console"][url=""]gluPerspective[/url][/font] function to make one of these matrices (after calling [url=""][font="Lucida Console"]glMatrixMode[/font][/url][font="Lucida Console"](GL_PROJECTION)[/font] ). To actual move the camera, you've got to use the model-view matrix (which moves the model/geometry, as well as the view/camera). To move the view around you can use [font="Lucida Console"][url=""]glTranslate[/url][/font] / [font="Lucida Console"][url=""]glRotate[/url][/font] (after calling [url=""][font="Lucida Console"]glMatrixMode[/font][/url][font="Lucida Console"](GL_MODELVIEW)[/font] ). [/quote] GLUT is fucking annoying and pathetic.... Plus, you have to download it AND OpenGL... Too many files I can't risk that much disk space flooding, sorry(I also have low RAM, only 1 GB). That method is just so UNFITTING....Shame on OpenGL.... Needing add-ons to compare to DirectX. Hell this, I'm getting back to DirectX programming.
  3. lol you're a horrible troll. It does go to show how nice the gamedev community is. They just use the reputation system on people.
  4. Hey, help?

    Dude I know what I got...I downloaded the files and NONE of them had .cpp files or .h files, NONE! All they had were .txt files, some odd .trr files and even some even weirder .dde files. I tried clicking on any and Windows alert pops up "Windows cannot open this file.". Also, I don't get what Hodgman did....All he/she did was quote what I said....What's up with that? I don't understand...
  5. I'm not a guy.... >.<
  6. OpenGL No cameras in OpenGL..... :(

    [quote name='BitMaster' timestamp='1302681157' post='4797829'] I know when I see a troll going bored. The sad attempt at creating multiple flame war threats. The shift to insulting language, both in this thread and all others you posted in today. Normally I would not even bother to respond but the mods are being slow this morning and I wanted to prevent some poor guy who does not immediately recognize the signs to actually ignite the oil trail. [/quote] I'm not a guy... >.<
  7. This website is very shitty....

    When will it get a better web designer and possibly a brighter community than the rather obvious, dull-minded people here that fail to answer questions?
  8. Help with programming...

    [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1302680654' post='4797823'] C is C++ minus all that "gay bullshit" added on. [/quote] Did I forget to also mention I'm excluding ANY and ALL programming languages that start with the third letter in the English alphabet? Thank you... Post again.
  9. Hey, help?

    [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1302680829' post='4797825'] [quote name='BB1995' timestamp='1302680312' post='4797819'] I specifically asked for someone to post me a link to the source code or a downloadable file of the source code, shithead.[/quote] [/quote] So, what's your point? Why are you just quoting what I'm saying? Weirdo...
  10. OpenGL No cameras in OpenGL..... :(

    [quote name='BitMaster' timestamp='1302680503' post='4797820'] I know you are getting bored because your previous attempts at more subtle trolling did not produce the entertaining results you hoped for, but isn't this a bit too obvious? [/quote] No, bro, I'm being serious... I hate DirectX just as bad as the next bitch, but OpenGL has much easier functions even though, yeah, the lack of cameras and gay pipeline is a no-go... What else do I have? Allegro is shit.
  11. Hey, help?

    [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1302680618' post='4797822'] Google results for[url=""] open source side scroller[/url] : [url=""]Secret Maryo Chronicles[/url] [url=""]xevil[/url] [url=""]teeworlds[/url] [url=""]Scrolling gamedev kit[/url] [url=""]Vacuum Magic [/url] ... [/quote] No I'm not sucking Google's dick... I want a PERSON to teach me the basic fundamentals of side-scroller game AI, logic, engine, etc.
  12. Hey, help?

    [quote name='KulSeran' timestamp='1302680066' post='4797817'] [quote name='BB1995' timestamp='1302679591' post='4797812'] Post exact codes of a full working side-scroller, much like Mario Bros. or Sonic. Thanks! [/quote] It's posts like this that are getting you in trouble on these boards. You keep saying you want "specific answers to specific questions" but keep asking very general questions that lead to people pointing you to tutorials that cover many related pieces of information that will answer your general train of thought. If you are having trouble with something, you should be trying to make much more specific questions instead of going off the deep end with ridiculous ones like this. There are plenty of games that have released full source code, [url=""]Quake II[/url] even has the code linked in the extra links section of the wiki page, and other sources are available right off the iD software site. But reading source code isn't going to get you anywhere without a good understanding of why the code was written the way it was. Its why most people suggest against it. You're better off finding some tutorials to set you in the right direction before attempting to muddle your way through some source. [/quote] Nah, at least 80% of the tutorials out there are not clear enough for me...I fail to understand nearly all of them, even reading them 100s of times over weeks. They basically suck, all in all....That's why I came here for. Also, my question was specific....I specifically asked for someone to post me a link to the source code or a downloadable file of the source code. That is a fair question. Btw that Quake 2 source code for the engine you recommended was very gay. I couldn't even open any of the files it came with because they're all "unknown" to my system...So thanks for nothing, shithead.
  13. OpenGL has no camera functions and its pipeline is sucky... I find it harder than DirectX/more annoying as well... How do you create a camera for OpenGL though? I know it doesn't really have any by default, except for the stupid, gay one that shows gay primitives and shit on the screen(nothing impressive to anyone).
  14. What language is like C++, but doesn't have all those gay inheritance/class/encapsulation BS in it? Anything but Java or C# would do, excluding C++ too of course(because OOP is just too gay/pathetic for my taste). No real use I can find for OOP anyways and I've read at least 20 tutorials on it. Basically a waste of time. So any other multi-purpose languages out there you can recommend? EXTRA: It also has to be equally comparing to C++'s overall performance. Please don't say Assembly.... >.<
  15. Question about character controller

    Post the exact codes.