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  1. My girlfriend got me to play Sims Bustin' Out last night on a GameCube. Not a bad game but I prefer #Minecraft.
  2. Today is the first day in quite a while that I've been able to sit home and do nothing! It's so weird ... maybe I'll reformat my laptop. :)
  3. After attending 13 1/2 hours of math tutorials over the past three days, I'm allowed to be physically tired and mentally exhausted.
  4. Wearing an oven mitt on one hand, and nothing on the other, I decided to grab the pan from the stove with the unprotected hand. #ouch
  5. [quote name='Daniel O'Neill' timestamp='1302210229' post='4795658'] I'm appalling at maths - wish I new it better - I was on a physics forum the other day - the stuff they were lobbing around in their sleep was way over my head. If your good at it though - you can do a lot more than physics engines for video games - crypto is where the money is imo - tomorows games will need more and more security as impersenation is on the rise. Your choice of studies is good - I'm envious - I had to scratch my education out of forums and personal research projects - your one lucky person to have such a promising education - good luck with your studies... [/quote] I just finished doing a 2 1/2 hour Calculus tutorial and now I'm spending another 1 1/2 hours studying. Thanks for the replies guys!
  6. Hearing these people behind me talk might just be lowering my IQ.
  7. I am joint-majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics with a minor in Physics. Will this help teach me the things I'll need to know to develop physics engines for video games commercially after I graduate?
  8. I guess I understand why cops need Dodge Charges, they are fast cars I suppose, but why would Campus Enforcement need them?
  9. Calculus tutorial @ 6:30 PM until 9:00 PM. Studying Linear Algebra until then. Lectures may be over but the real work has just begun!
  10. I don't have much programming experience and I here #Python is a great language for "beginners". How is Python @ game development? #ids211
  11. There's a very annoying pain shooting up my leg right now.
  12. Last day for classes this semester! Looking forward to Calculus II, Object-Oriented Programming II, and Physics in the Fall!
  13. Just a side note, I do have an e-book copy of Bjarne Stroustrup's The C++ Programming Language and I would be willing to send you a copy.
  14. #Minecraft is awesome. I did quite a bit of work on my castle today! I also found my first diamonds.
  15. I heard about this today from a guy working at a used games shop. What do you make of it? [url="http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/04/playstation-websites-psn-suffer-outage-anonymous-claims-respon/"]PlayStation websites, PSN suffer outage: Anonymous claims responsibility, Sony claims 'sporadic maintenance'[/url]