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  1. You weren't too harsh; I just meant I hadn't thought of the mouse wearing out because that hasn't happened to me before. I believe you that it can happen.      Chad: From my testing, I've found that usually happens if your mouse happens to go outside of the screen a bit and click (like when you are firing rapidly), causing flash to lose the focus while you are holding down the button, flash seems to get confused and not realize when the button is released. I've also had it happen completely randomly too, but I'm not sure what is causing it on those times. 
  2. The clicking to fire thing depends on the weapon; weapons like the pistol or shotgun are 'manual fire' and have to be clicked each time, but others have auto-fire and the mouse can be held down for. I was not thinking about the mouse wearing out from clicking; I don't think thats ever happened to me before.    Sorry about the grass, I didn't realize it was quite that bad. My art is my weakest skill unfortunately..
  3. @daaark: you had me worried when you started that second paragraph saying I was lucky to have gotten any views. I was sure you were about to say my game was terrible quality rather than that the market is crowded. xD What gaming forums is it ok to advertise on? I know the penny arcade forum implies they will break your legs for trying to post about your game. @ashaman: yeah that's what I've been doing since then, mainly writing down my big ideas in a notepad and working on making a variety of small games.
  4. About half a year ago, I had what could easily be discribed as an overly ambitious project idea. A hybrid top down shooter and RTS. I made a prototype to get feedback on, then released a full version. it had some encouraging comments and suggestions, but it had only a few hundred views and did not leave judgement on Kongregate for weeks. I was disappointed that nobody saw it, but since the comments indicated that those who did see it liked it. so, I did a graphics makeover, added new features and tried my best at the time to polish it up. that version is here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/600111 this time went a little better, but newgrounds went down for maintenance almost immediately after I posted it, and caused some sort of lagging glitch that hurt the initial reception. after initial bug fixes and minor improvements I left it alone. 3 months of solid work ended up getting far fewer views than the simple games I could make in a few weeks. I keep finding myself looking back at it, pondering how to improve it, and recently noticed that over the last half year it's score has crept up to 4/5. it makes me wonder if I should pick it back up, polish it, improve it, and release a final version. but I also worry that it might turn out exactly the same way again. so, I was wanting to ask; is this game worth trying again on, and what can I do to help give it the best chance of success if I do?