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  1. I would want to know why you are trying to use the MVC design pattern for a game in the first place. Game entities tend to want to access some type of global state (i.e. a level) so they can navigate the space. MVC works really well for websites and applications.
  2. kingius

    Another Game Concept Critique

    I like it, very Final Fantasy-ish gameplay and the refilling time units sound like it could lead to fun and frantic gameplay.
  3. kingius

    Meta Game

    I like this idea and it could be the goal of every level, to find the 'gap' in reality.
  4. kingius

    Reinventing the wheel

    I think it can be useful to start with a 'blank canvas' and roll your own solutions (reinventing the wheel instead of using stock solutions). I've been doing it on my Unity project because I converted a project from a totally different programming language and paradigm into c# and unity (it was actually written in a programming language for the Amiga originally). This left me with no choice but to add in certain things which I had to build from scratch. Now that I've done this, I've got my own UI building, tracking and events code which I know thoroughly inside out and makes building menus within the game (it's an RPG I'm building, a scifi one) really easy to do. Knowing the code so well also makes it easier to debug. There are some things that it cannot yet do, such as handle easing transitions, but it can do other things, such as numbers counting upwards from x to y automatically, which is great for text and graph displays on character screens. I'm pretty sure I'll get around to adding the rest as and when I need it. So yes, I think there can be an argument for this type of approach and benefits too.
  5. kingius

    What's missing from TCGs?

    I totally agree with other posters that reducing the luck element in a digital TCG is the way to go.
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