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  1. not to mention all these holes
  2. no matter what you'll end up writing: once per frame, (ball is in motion even when vel is 0) you iterate with drag equation and motion till you hit something this is your hit pos/ basically: each frame you find new hitposition, then you do your stuff
  3. doesnt work edit now works after some black magic....
  4. I bet its circular reference but please when i include a definition of X then it should compile and run anyway. #ifndef game_initH #define game_initH #include "logme.h" #include "globalvars.h" #include "stdlib.h" #include "sim/ocean.h" #include "string.h" #include "Textures.h" #include "sim/ships/battle_mp.h" //#include "sim/ships/ship.h" #include "Timer.h" #include "shaderclass.h" #include "HUD/HUD.h" #include "HUD/menu/menulist.h" #include "sim/Entity.h" const int viewport_size = 128; extern TBattleMP_Frame * GAME_PLAY; < -- TBattleMP_Frame does not name a type and in battle_mp.h struct TBattleMP_Frame { }; why it is even throwing me errors. That shouldnt occur