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  1. Wait, I've just realised. If I make all of my modules dynamically linked, but then have the main Engine link statically, then that should work right?
  2. I think a visual representation of what I'm after will be useful:   -> means "knows about"   App->GameEngine->GameWindow->WindowsWindow                                                         ->MacWindow   What kind of structure would I need for "App" to create a GameWindow? i.e. if App includes GameEngine.h which includes GameWindow.h, but GameWindow.h is not linked at that point for App to know about it. 
  3. How about pimpl? You can hide class GameWindow inside Engine implementation     Well that's 1 suggestion I wasn't aware of, but I'm kind of after the answer: This is how it's usually done or you're thinking of this completely wrong etc. Bear in mind this is all in terms of a Modular design. 
  4. Hi Guys,   I've tried searching for a succinct answer but I guess I just don't know how to ask the question succinctly!   Anyway here's my current problem:   I have a project in my solution which is called GameEngine. This is set up to build to a .DLL.   I have another project in my solution called GameWindow. This also compiles to a .DLL. The GameWindow is responsible for creating a window and anything else which comes with that.   I have created a reference to the GameWindow project in the GameEngine project within VS2015.    Now, I have created a test project which is the entry point(.exe). Within it's main function I wish to create a window, but I only want this project to know about GameEngine .dll.   I've tried a few different approaches but always end up with linker errors. I guess 1 of the problems is I don't fully understand that process. But my main question is, how would something like this generally be approached?
  5. Thanks for the reply, so do I need to give my friend the entire redist folder? ...I still don't understand why it won't work for me though, I have everything installed and I just double checked the spelling in the release configuration.. Specifically, it is currently looking for the d3dx9.lib. I am also using the "additional Include Directories" within the C/C++ General option, should I perhaps be setting the include and lib directories from within the VC++ directories option?   EDIT: So I found out why it wouldn't work for me, I didn't add the library include to the release config....I have no idea why
  6. Hi, I am probably being dense, but whenever I try to build my directX game in release mode, it stops with a linker error: LNK1181.   All my paths are the same as in debug mode and I have the latest DX SDK installed. This leads me to the question, how do I make sure if I release my game that all the outside dependencies are included if they are not directly in my project? I am guessing thats what you would do during the install, but for directX, mostly everyone has, I don't know.   So if I was to pass this projects release folder over to a friend, how do I make sure they can play the game without needing to install the SDK? My first attempt was to copy paste the .lib files needed into the project, but i am not sure where to put them.    Thanks for reading    
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