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  1. Learning Java is going great(:
  2. 1tb hard drive arrives later today. That'll come in handy.
  3. sketchroid

    [web] My Social network

    I would be more than interested in joining. Just saying.
  4. sketchroid

    Breaking out of the isometric grid

    Cool, cool, very cool. New stuff is exactly what the industry needs. You can paint an orange blue, but it's still an orange. Well, you are taking away the orange and giving back an orchard.
  5. sketchroid

    Sketching the tip of the iceberg

    Alright, well, what's up? Cool. I'm new to the business. I've been a gamer for a long time. I fell in love with the older style of games. (Metroid, Super Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy) I'm actually going to learn AS3. Haha, actually, as in, "who actually cares?" I have a few big ideas that I won't share. I have millions of cool ideas that I will. I'm off for now. ADIOS
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