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  1. Just loafing around. Always tempted to play games than to code.
  2. zeocyte

    The Game Engine

    My Game Doesn't Run Without It The CharWars game engine is divided into two parts: the game world and the game interface. The Game World The game world basically acts as a world containing all the entities of the game. It also acts as the bridge for the physics world (Box2D's b2World) and the entities. Updates Entities are updated through the game world. Once the game world is updated, it only calls the update function of the entities which are on the top of their own hierarchy (has no parent entity). Once the entity is updated, it then calls the update functions of it's child entities. This method is much much better than updating one by one all the entities for a lot of reasons (synchronization, full hierarchy, etc.). The Game Interface The game interface handles the rendering and user-control functions of the game. It doesn't render the entities directly but instead the entities only send messages to it (this is also the same for user-control).
  3. What's on your mind? ...................... brain?
  4. zeocyte

    About the Game

    [quote name='a_insomniac' timestamp='1304680427'] Your game sounds like a pretty interesting concept. Dont get to discouraged about the artwork. You would be suprised how much you can do with photoshop tutorials related to space backgrounds and planets; I would at least look into that aspect of it. To even spice it up more, find some really cool fonts or create your own to add some personalization to the text characters. Good luck with this! ..... Here is your first Text Tie Fighter ..... " (--O--) " [/quote] Thanks! The game should incorporate lots of fonts but maybe there will be millions (!!!) of chars that will exist in the game. I still need to develop a good "font manager" in the game for fonts are just really heavy resources. . . . Nice text fighter! (they are called CharShips in the game) and I promise I will include it on CharWars.
  5. zeocyte

    About the Game

    Sorry, I haven't clicked the reply link [img]http://public.gamedev.net/public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif[/img]
  6. zeocyte

    About the Game

    Game Concept It first started after I had read the Star Wars VI comic book I had found on one of our secluded shelves. A feeling came, inspiring me to create a game. In that time, also, my brother had started coding his game. I watched him coding and creating artworks of ship parts (their very nice and intricate). Then I realized that it's pretty hard to make those kind of artworks. I was discouraged. But another thought came to me: Why not create a game that I need not to create images? Yes! Why not...... characters! Text! Chars! And so it begun. The game's concept is quite simple. The one most important entity of the game is the char(character). It can build bigger entities when many of them are connected. It forms virtually everything in this game: from parts to ships; form particles to explosions. The char is most basic building block of the game that's why the game is called CharWars. Entities and Hierarchy The char forms all entities of CharWars. Here is a diagram showing the hierarchy of some of the game's entities: Char --> Parts (weapons, thrusters, connectors, etc.) --> Controllable Entities (ships, drones, sentries, etc.) --> Particles --> Explosions | Weapon Particles (beams, "missiles", etc.) --> Static Bodies Story I'm still thinking it over. Platform The game is written in C++ with SFML as the "official" graphics and sound and everything else API, and Box2D for the physics engine. I also borrowed some pieces of my brothers code. I will post every development of the game in an interval of a week. I kindly ask for your suggestions. Comments to the developments are freely accepted. Thanks folks!
  7. zeocyte

    The Genesis of a Game

    CharWars coding started!
  8. Maybe this will help: http://www.box2d.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2169
  9. zeocyte

    SDL vs. SFML

    Please answer truthfully.
  10. zeocyte

    Generic or unique recruits ?

    But specialization in the early part of the game puts a red down arrow blinking on the dwarves. Better make all of them as farmers.
  11. zeocyte

    Game environment collision

    Try Box2D and look for the 'prevent rotation' (or the like) setting on the fixture or body definitions (im sorry, I just had forgotten). Hope this might help (look at the tutorials first!).
  12. zeocyte

    Game multithreading

    Thanks for the advice!
  13. Im planning to create a 2d game and i am very interested in using multiple threads in my game. I just want to know what parts of the game that is good (if not necessary) to be used in threads.
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