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    client server question

    So it's common that clients are out of sync with each other by a few mms? Should the server send the world update to everyone or just to clients it would effect
  2. Tivoilos

    client server question

    Basically how it would work would be something like this Client A moves to x1 y2 sends movement packet Game server recv packet broadcasts to all clients that client a moved clients then do there thing etc.
  3. Greetings, I am doing research for a project I have a question to see how people would do something. So my question is let's say I have a orpg game my client moves to xy cord it sends apacket to server client will assume that it can move etc server checks data moves player back if need be now What is the best practice for broadcasting to the other players in the location that a player moved without large amount of lag I see games do this but can't wrap my head around it. Please explain.
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