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  1. Yeps that helped me with the Time Step thing .. but how do we Implement this kind of transfer of information from the Client to the Server and vice-verse ?
  2. Hello everyone, I am in the process of developing a Physics Puzzle game which has a LEADER BOARD system. What I want to know is how can I prevent the client from sending the server fake scores ? One of solutions I got was to just transfer the 'co-ordinates' and 'force' with which a Ball was launched and then simulate the result on the server side. This leads to a lot of new questions : Since the Time Step will not be same on the client and the server will I get the same solution ? (or is there a way to have the same Time Step ?) And the biggest question is how do we implement such a thing .. I mean to take the co-ordinates from the user and run the game again on my server with the given co-ordinates ? (If 100 users are playing at a time then 100 copies of the game are running on my server ?) I am all lost .. Please help me .. Thanks a lot
  3. [quote name='ApochPiQ' timestamp='1308717496' post='4826257'] Unfortunately, you're in a tough spot here. There are far more people trying to get into the industry than the industry can actually support right now, so employers generally don't go out of their way to make it easy to do things like internships. It's a "buyer's market" if you will - the employers have the upper hand, and can afford to be lazy about finding people for internships and entry level positions. So I doubt you'll find many programs that will stretch to help you with visa issues and so on. In fact, from my recent experience, even senior-level positions tend to require that you've sorted out all the legalities of working abroad prior to even applying. So, unfortunately, you'll have to do some serious legwork to make this happen. That's not to say it's impossible, and I may be wrong - there may indeed be some companies who will do the legal paperwork for you, I just don't know of them offhand. Better safe than sorry, though; focus on getting your skills sharp and your portfolio polished, and you should be OK. [/quote] Ok .. thanx for that information .. What if I have the legal work figured out .. Do these companies actually higher international students as interns ? or better still .. How often do these companies higher international students as interns ?
  4. Hello everyone, I am a student from India currently in my 3rd year of college and studying Information and Technology. I have a keen interest in game programming and so study stuff like 3D Graphics Rendering, AI, Physics in Games etc. on my own. My aim is to get into one of the AAA Game companies as a Game Programmer Intern next year. (EA Games in particular) My question is do these companies actually higher international students and also get them visas and all ? and if they do what should I do or how can I prove them my worth that they should hire me ? The placement cell and the internship cell in my college is pathetic. So I have to do this myself my college can't help me in anyway possible. So please give my your advice on how can I achieve my aim. Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone, I am trying to break into the Game Industry and so needed some advice on how to go about. Being from India it's already pretty tough out here and so any push in the right direction would be highly appreciated. I want to be a Game Programmer .. Preferably a Physics or AI Programmer. My question is what kind of a portfolio game should I develop so that I can attract the attention of the industry. Does my game need to be good in all the aspects of the game like modelling, rendering, game play, script, and of course physics and AI or should I just concentrate on these 2 aspects and let the other parts dangling ? If the answer is it should be good in all the fields .. then i need some solid advice on how to go about cause I am a single person and how should I manage everything ? (This question specifically targeted to all the Indie Developers out there) and otherwise also i need advice on the kind of game its genre etc. i should develop for my portfolio game. Thanks a lot P.S My dream is to get an Internship in EA Games