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  1. Hello, im in the process of attempting to teach myself OpenGL programming but so far all i've managed to do is become extremely confused. I have a few questions, they are probably pretty silly and i apologize but still, any help would be appreciated! From my experiments and what i've read before using any OpenGL function calls and such an "OpenGL context" is required. Im a bit puzzled as to what this actually means, my initial thought was that this would just be a window capable of displaying pixel data, but clearly there is something more to it. What actually defines a window as being an OpenGL context? How does OpenGL know if a window is a valid OpenGL context? Lets say on operating system X i've used the native API to create a window, what steps would i then need to take to make it capable of displaying openGL data, do native api's include special openGL settings or something? Currently im using SFML to abstract the creation of an OpenGL context and it works perfectly but i'd still like to have a at least vague idea of the inner working that are going on... For example SFML 1.6 does not work with OpenGL 3.0+ whereas SFML 2.0 does, i don't understand this, why is displaying the pixels rendered by OpenGL so complicated that compatibility becomes an issue? Thank you for any help, and im sorry that my writing is not very good!
  2. Hello, I've been looking at SDL and it seems like a nice way to easily start creating basic games, but before i commit to learning it i have a couple questions. Would learning SDL be useful in the long term? Obviously its great for transitioning from console c++ to graphics and such (from what i have read) but is that all its good for? Is it only really used as a learning/simplicity tool? Or is it used actively in the industry? Also is SDL the definitive best option for a game interface layer gui library thingy? How about qt, wxwidgets or native APIs such as win32? (i suppose this is related to the first question) This is with OpenGL btw Thanks!
  3. [size="3"][size="3"]Hello, I've been considering getting this[/size] [url=""]Book[/url] [font="Arial"][size="3"]Its very new so i haven't been able to find much information about it, but before i commit and buy it i was hoping that someone here might be familiar with it and would be able to let me know if its worth buying. I have the SuperBible 5th but it would be great to have another reference as i progress through OpenGL.[/size][/font][/size][font="Arial"][size="3"] Thanks![/size][/font]
  4. Hello, i'm new to OpenGL and i've been looking for a good place to get started, I've heard a lot of positive things about NeHe's tutorials but i have a question. Considering how old they are and all the depreciated functionality of modern OpenGL, are these tutorials still any good for someone starting GL? thanks!