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  1. Lot of suff done today : asp visualizer, shaders and a bit of stratego ai.. I'm definitely going to sleep.
  2. AndreaTucci

    Math for Game Developers Video Series

    Great idea! Another interesting topic would be "how to build a GUI" ,so for example stuff like: from object coordinates to screen coordinate, proportions of the GUI components, various resolutions issues etc!
  3. Working on an action-rpg :)
  4. ? soundtracking "Losing Time / Grand Finale" by @dreamtheaternet http://t.co/eTXnaCdR
  5. Mi è piaciuto un video di @YouTube http://t.co/31hJiFgl Top 10 Boss Battles - JonTron
  6. Warrior design by Anita de franco!Do you like it?Follow us @Nightfall_Games! We'r developing an #action #rpg : #dividia http://t.co/k5ML1TM3
  7. Ask me something! - Fammi una domanda su http://t.co/IwGaTlT8
  8. A volte penso che acri sia in un altro emisfero.. Ci sono 16/18 gradi qui! #acri #whatthehell
  9. 1 day left >The Bots in FROZEN SYNAPSE and Procedural Levels | http://t.co/f9R6naPW http://t.co/UhKzHkjw via @AiGameDev #gamedev #ai
  10. Starting with Jmonkey engine with @Gicos and Bernardo :) #dividia #jme
  11. I think Google uses neural networks to auto-teach itself according to our preferences(previous visits etc)! #ai #google #neuralnetworks #wow
  12. As usual, I arrived late: Nintendo Direct is just finished! No Zelda and no relevant news (especially for Europe) :( #nintendodirect
  13. "@gamasutra: Happy 40th birthday, video games http://t.co/GcfVyTVg"
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