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    MDX Needs .NET 1.1?

    Using VS2002 doesn't mean you aren't using .NET 1.1. The quickest way to see what versions of the .NET framework are installed is to look in %SystemDir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework and each version will have a folder there.
  2. Its not an issue of your button having runat="server". Its the fact that your button needs to be inside a form with it. You can encase you entire aspx page in this form. The default page from Visual Studio looks like this. <body MS_POSITIONING="FlowLayout"> <form id="Form1" method="post" runat="server"> ... your content here .... </form> </body>
  3. Any web control which causes a postback (Button, LinkButton etc) must be placed inside a <form> tag with runat="server" this caused the buttons to post back correctly. So essentially what Zul said above but runat server must be set as well.
  4. Rahven

    C# app, need help!

    Take a look the documentation for System.Net.WebClient very easy to use. System.Net.WebClient client = new System.Net.WebClient(); string html = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(client.DownloadData("http://www.gamedev.net"));
  5. One solution is to use a <asp:placeholder> and have your seperate pages as user controls (.ascx) files. You can then use Control ctrl = LoadControl(pathToAscxFile); placeholder.Controls.Add(ctrl); to load the chosen page in. Personally I don't like this approach as you can end with crazy URL's if you're not careful. I would go with creating a serpate aspx page for each page and using user controls for your tabbed menu. Hope this helps
  6. You could use an Access mdb database, AFAIK Windows has the Jet data provider installed already so they won't need to have a copy of Office. Another alternative is to use xml files since datasets can be easily saved and loaded from xml.
  7. AFAIK this cannot be done on the Page designer, but should be able to be done via the User Controls designer. This makes sense because the controls inside the User Control's Panel are specific to the User Control itself and not the Page hosting the User Control. Hope this make sense.
  8. Yeah Object.MemberwiseClone() only does a shallow copy, as in it copies object references (doesn't create new objects), though I am unsure what happens if one of the member objects implements IClonable interface as I havent had time to look into it. To perform a deep copy you'll need to write your own code to implement IClonable, there are some examples on the net to help you along with this, most seem to System.Reflection to achieve it (which can pretty slow).
  9. Rahven

    Technical design question for a web-based game

    The best way IMO would be to use a Flash front-end for the graphics and ASP.NET XML Web Services to control the game logic. The latest Flash MX version has components to talk directly to Web Services easily.
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