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  1. Looking for tips in 3D

    Hello! Thanks for the tips! Meditating on some tasks is actually useful and knowing hardware and "software" limitations is good, experimenting allows you to avoid future pitfalls. Also I want it to be fun learning process.
  2. Hello, link is broken, redirects to http://www.ogsoundfx/
  3. Looking for tips in 3D

    Thanks for responses! Happily learning 3D stuff! Currently learning stuff about FBO, trying it out on my 2D game, for some fancy projectile effects. Took me quite a while to get into Models and Animations on framework of my choice (LibGDX), as Wings 3D has no rigging, so i had to figure out how to manually create animations in code (later on can be scripted). Not planning on creating GTA 7 or something Decided to try out "space" theme, as there wont be as much issue with "walking on ground uphill". Turns out, there are lots of guides how to achieve "frustum culling" on models with ease, so i wont have to care for BSP trees for now. But one thing buggers me - How to cull invisible faces? Thing that comes to my mind is using geometry shader to check each face if its "front" center is hit by ray? I use low poly models, up too 1500 max.
  4. Looking for tips in 3D

    Hello! Thanks for all of your responses! My primary interest in Doom is its editors. Editorial software should build maps with "compiled" BSP trees, so I could skip creation of those tools myself. I am acustomed to Wings 3D, since its basic model builder. I had done some basic 3D stuff before, but movement was limited to 2D cordinate system. I have no idea how to handle movement uphil or all the colision detection (my first guess is to split terains into smaller patches, to reduce collision detection). How to know that your character is moving uphill just from model?
  5. Hello! I was thinking about trying out 3D game development. Done some research. Figgured out its more demanding that it looks. So my initial thoughts where to try cloning existing games to some extent. Doom (1993) or Q2. I was thinking of using some existing world editors to build BSP maps so i could render the world quite efficiently. And then the only thing left - to code map loader and render it in Java. Any thoughts on this endeavor or tips? P.S. Doom may not be 3D, but its still interesting to try out.
  6. Hello, I have this habit of storing art i like, for later references. Even facebook games can offer some good art, issue is - its hard to store it. Print Screens and tons of saving does the job, but its quite a nuisance if game updates its art quite often. So i wonder, if anyone else does it and what tools are you using? And if its even possible to get art assets out of facebook game. I managed to get *.swf through browser, but its a mess inside if i open it with 7z, I am not entirely sure its a proper topic for Beginners forum, but i have no idea where to post else. Also i think its not illegal to do so and its not like i am stealing art.
  7. Hmmm, still a bit confused. Maybe its because i've stayed in 2D way to long.   I've used LWJGL, LibGDX and OpenTK for 3D before. You place vertices into memory, get the handle, draw the model, change lightning when needed, load vertice and fragment shaders. LibGDX even allows programatical mesh adjustment, building and moving mesh parts around. Issues usually come with stuff like "3d picking". Thanks guys! I will look into your examples and those terms like "post-processing-pipeline", maybe everything will become clear. Maybe there are some 2D "graphical engines" you know of? I will let it sink into me for a while.
  8. Hello there, Today i was reading a post on MMO forum, there was a lot of smart phrases circling around, like "Upgraded graphical engine" (Context is Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft 2, in case someone is familiar with those games). One person claimed that Game A uses Game B graphical engine, only a bit updated, and that Game C uses heavily modified Game D engine. What the heck does that even mean? I mean yes, you have code to upload textures, models, bind them, then you have a code to call draw functions, switch shaders. When need comes, you copy that code into your "UNIVERSAL_CODE_LIBRARY.DLL" and start using it in all of your projects. Sort of "Core functionality" and "Utility features". I have my own custom library that draws screens in views, has custom UI objects and their event catching, functions to draw Sprite or Arithmetical calculated models with animations, model caches, texture loading and etc. Is that considered and engine? I still have a "render()" pipeline, which has to be filled with code. I guess not? Am i missing something? Or is it just 25 dollar term for 5 cent concept?   I am frustrated and confused about this :S
  9. I have made rather simple webpage, that logs proper urls, and returns 1 if all is good. Simplified code: Response.Clear(); if (allGood())   Response.Write(1); Response.End(); Whilst mobile game logs all events into SQLite, and queuees sheduler to run after 5 minutes if no new events are generated, run after 2 seconds if player pressed "back". In case of no network, run alarm every 30 minutes. Events are sent in chunks and GZiped and base64'ed. If data is to long, split into smaller chunks, creating sort of "session", which brakes if response is "", and continues if response is "1". If everything was positive, records are deleted from SQLite.
  10. Thanks! Yeah, plan was to use clients local time, but there is something funny going on, all the times are a bit "off" and use GMT 0 i think, because my local time is GMT -2. But ill fix that. Thanks for the responses!
  11. Thanks for the responses! Yeah, the data gets validated, but i made it more readable in the past, currently refraining myself from doing changes to old system. Messages look like this   d85bec0f433d4a1 182 _44 1482950156320 _1_1_2 vc gmpScr _Eris g d85bec0f433d4a1 182 _45 1482950156399 _1_1_2 vc gmpScr r Issue lies within values like d85bec0f433d4a1 - user id 182 - session number _45 - event number 1482950156320 - local user timestamp User can change one of those parameters and it will still get validated, but analytical data gets distorted. But yeah, as frob stated, in network game, i could refrain from sending so much data and could do more stuff on server and make client application sort of paper glass.
  12. Hello,   As i am about to finish custom analytics tool, i began to think about games over network.   But i have one issue i cannot solve.   Data encryption.   When sending custom analytical events to server, i have a problem - player can simply change the code, recompile it or even make a POST to server and send "F**K YOU SCRUB, HACKED" message using proper variables. I was thinking about the ways to prevent it, but i always get stopped by simple thought - if its encrypted on client side, it can always be manipulated.   And its not that hard, you only need Wireshark to sniff packets!   And that prevented me from developing network game. Because you can even emulate the player by sending fake data packets.   Am i overthinking it? Are there measures to counter this?
  13. Thanks for the replies! I will look into them :)     Sure, if you know, chances are, random Joe wont have a clue how to make changes to hardcoded keys.   Its not about uber protection, its about simply closing the door.