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  1. Wow what a well written considerate article - many thanks really enjoyed reading it. Now to puzzle over moving it into Java!
  2. ICI ICI C'EST MONTPELLIER!! Massive 60-19 win tonight against Perpigne and saw the game in person! Hello Beatie & Strokosh!!!
  3. My confusion is where do I create my original list of Nodes....I am using this tutorial : https://code.google.com/p/a-star-java/source/browse/AStar/src/aStar/AStar.java?r=7 But I am unsure where I create my AStarNode list for the WorldMap object seeing this integrated into practice would absolutely help.
  4. Hi!   I am looking for an example Java project which uses AStarSearch preferrably on a tile / grid based 2d game so I can use it as a basis for understanding the implementation of A Star Search.   I know there are sources online explaining how to implement A* in java but these are standalone examples and I am finding incorporating A* into my work rather difficult.   Hopefully somebody can share a project I can use as an example.
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