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  1. RT @nickd3000: I’ve put a request up on the TigForums for some feedback on the new demo if anyone would care to help http://t.co/zoUvIhbDA5
  2. Plugged in my new fightstick and Specter just works! XInput is pretty cool sometimes.
  3. Communicating ideas, the paint way. http://t.co/DExZUZdUr4
  4. 10000+ assets released to the public domain: http://t.co/yKEMy8fP7V Pretty awesome.
  5. RT @Bladko: Pls RT For Indie game developer "Common words translations used in games" https://t.co/vGB0vN30kE #IDRTG #indiegames #gamedev
  6. RT @RockWallGames: Formicide is officially on Greenlight, and so is our official trailer! http://t.co/v87269tKe6 #gamedev #steam_greenlight
  7. Having to support gamepad controls is really limiting us at the moment. We need more buttons...
  8. We don't really do concept art, we make "concept levels". Interactive mock-ups! https://t.co/LvyFSbfLvx #gamdev #indiedev
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