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  1. Well I'm gonna go on a hiatus for a while. I need to improve my skills. Especially art, cause most of my art friends are getting awesome, and meanwhile my laziness shows more and more. So if anyone wants to contact me my email juldeleon19@gmail.com, or skype "shiningpaladinofgod" don't bother commenting on this status once it's posted my hiatus begins. Well see you when my art becomes more awesome facebook :P
  2. I hate that feeling that I have something important to do, but I cant remember what it is.
  3. Wtf is wrong with me... ?(????) I wake up, look around and the first thing I utter "Real life has the best graphics ever"
  4. Today is a day to be productive, and awesome! >:D
  5. This programming stuff isn't so hard actually. Still difficult, but mostly tedious, and errors can be very costly :(
  6. Alright! I got my Visual studio all good to go! Lets learn some freaking C++ and maybe throw in some Blast-processing, and Maybe eh have a something up on the Nintendo Steam network by the next morning! Bada-Bing! Bada-Boom! Ez rite?!?!?
  7. Learning C++ let the headache begin! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~! oui...
  8. So is there anyone here on my friends list that knows anything about programming, and where I should begin? Also what program to use, and a resource to reference, and learn from? Your help would be much appreciated thank you!
  9. Currently draw me up some concept art!
  10. Hey checked out your site with all your music, I like them we should collab sometime. ^^
  11. JulianDeLeon

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