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  1.   introducing iio.js!   Website:   Demos:   Tutorials:   iio.js is an open source JavaScript framework that makes it super easy to make 2D games and animations with HTML5 Canvas. It isn't exactly new, its actually the newest, and rechristened, version of iio Engine, which I released about 2 years ago.   How easy is it? Here's "Hello World":   app.create(, 'Hello iio' );   Just because its simple though, doesn't mean it isn't useful for complex apps. iio.js is dependency free, does not limit standard JS usage or conflict with any other libraries, and it also integrates directly with Box2D. Checkout this drag and drop demo for example: Box2D Demo   Though no mobile specific functionality is included, iio.js has been used to make iOS and Android games, here's one made pretty recently: iio.js mobile game   There's also full online documentation, which can be downloaded for offline use on Github   Check it out and let me know what you think! I've been working on this library off and on for almost 3 years now, with help from 6 other developers, and feel that this version is something special.   It even has a feature which I don't think exists anywhere else: text editing on a Canvas   I'll be continuing to work on it - my next focus is better iOS and Android integration - and releasing new demos and tutorials whenever I can. Follow the project on Twitter to hear about new content! [twitter]iioinc[/twitter]
  2. [iio Engine] A new HTML5 App Framework

    Glad you like it! Built for speed and simplicity.   I just released v1.2.2, which features Sprite Maps, full Collision Detection, and a simple Super Mario Bros demo app.   I'm going to try and add new components every week for a while. My plan is to have a cross platform commercial iio app out sometime in the Fall.
  3. [iio Engine] A new HTML5 App Framework

      The iio Engine A new open source framework for HTML5 applications Powered by Javascript and Canvas Integrated with Box2d Website Demos Documentation Tutorials Forums Quick Start Guide   For several months I have been consolidating and porting my game engine code libraries to a web based application framework. I will use this engine to power all of my existing original games and then use it to start some new, much more ambitious projects. Obviously there are a few other frameworks out there for HTML5 and JavaScript, but I'm sort of a do-it-yourself kind of developer and I felt that I could create a library that was more robust and easy to use than those that were available.   Part way through my journey of creating this engine, I realized that other developers who were interested building in web apps might also find the framework useful, so I decided to put together a website dedicated to the distribution and documentation of the project:   This engine is, and always will be completely open source and free to use, extend, and re-purpose.   I will continue working to extend the engine and I welcome anyone who would like get on board with the project. iio still has a long way to go component-wise (the next adventure is a sound library!), but it is already an extremely good starting point for simple 2d games and custom engines.   One of the coolest aspects of iio is its integration with Box2D. The iio Engine provides a graphics engine attachment and application base to Box2DWeb, and is coded to make working with B2D objects easier than ever. check out the Box2D Docs page for more details.   Post here or on the iio Forums if you have any questions, comments, or feedback. The iio Engine will always be a work in progress, but I will always share that progress with online developer communities.   BTW - I've been using for a long time to find inspiration and solutions, so I chose this forum to release in first. You guys are the first to hear about iio!
  4. Android Game: Bacterium

    [font="Georgia"][size="3"] [font="Georgia"][size="3"][img][/img] [/size][/font] Just finished my first Android game! If you'd like to play it, you can get the free apk here: [url=""]http://www63.zippysh...73023/file.html[/url][/size][/font] [font="Georgia"][size="3"]Let me know what you think, all feedback would be really helpful. I released it on 4/25/11, and was very surprised at how many downloads I got - 1200 in the first day, and 80 purchases overall. It also got very positive reviews! Downloads however, have slowed way down since then, so I'm also wondering if anyone has any tips about promoting games in a mobile marketplace. Please let me know, I'm very new to the development scene, thanks[/size][/font] [size="3"][font="Georgia"]Official Game Page: [/font][url=""][/url] [font="Georgia"]Company facebook page: [/font][url=""]http://www.facebook....178917085474817[/url] [/size][font="Georgia"][size="3"]Gameplay Vide[/size][size="2"]o: [/size][/font][font="Georgia"][size="2"][url=""][/url] [/size][/font] [font="Georgia"][size="3"]Screenshots:[/size][/font] [font="Georgia"][size="2"][img][/img][/size][/font] [font="Georgia"][size="2"][img][/img] [/size][/font][img][/img] [font="Georgia"][size="2"][img][/img] [/size][/font]