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    BANNER IS A WORK IN PROGRESS After the recruitment and design phases we are finally going full steam ahead (pun intended) with development of Blockpocalypse. We are going to start by building a testing ground map in Unity 3D to test out our resources and scripts. Me and the other modeler are going to start creating the models that are listed in our asset manifest. Our website for both the team and our game is currently under construction and should be up soon. I will continue to update progress with screenshots, videos and demo's as development advances.
  2. Spiral Knights is one of the most oringinal MMO's created in quite some time. For once a game that isn't a copy of WoW.
  3. Just bought Planescape Torment off GoG.com, cant wait to play it, heard so many great things about it.
  4. 114 Steam games, only finished less than 20 of them lol
  5. Understand very basic C# now, my how daunting programming languages are..
  6. Upgrading to Blender 2.5. I wonder what has been changed and added....
  7. Bought a book on C# yesterday and it has 1782 pages!!!
  8. Still waiting for a reply from Studio Pepwuper, I sent them a email about the game designer position a week ago.
  9. Ah, texturing, thou art a harsh bitch. ...
  10. Arcfusiongames


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