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  1. Arcfusiongames

    Beginning Development

    BANNER IS A WORK IN PROGRESS After the recruitment and design phases we are finally going full steam ahead (pun intended) with development of Blockpocalypse. We are going to start by building a testing ground map in Unity 3D to test out our resources and scripts. Me and the other modeler are going to start creating the models that are listed in our asset manifest. Our website for both the team and our game is currently under construction and should be up soon. I will continue to update progress with screenshots, videos and demo's as development advances.
  2. Spiral Knights is one of the most oringinal MMO's created in quite some time. For once a game that isn't a copy of WoW.
  3. Just bought Planescape Torment off GoG.com, cant wait to play it, heard so many great things about it.
  4. Arcfusiongames

    Simple Language for Games?

    I understand that it takes months of learning to get to a stage where I can make a proper 2D game. I am going to first learn Lua and use that in conjunction with the LOVE framework. Once I am happy with my progress and knowledge of Lua, I will move onto continuing my learning of the C++ language. It is good to start small and then move onto something bigger.
  5. Arcfusiongames

    Simple Language for Games?

    Hodgeman= I think ill check out Lua and Love, I never really got into Python and PyGame. Thanks for the links.
  6. Hi, I recently begun learning C++ programming for game programming but I soon realised that it would take months of learning to get to a stage where I can start creating games. C++ is a very complex and advanced language so I am looking for a easy to learn language that could be used to make 2D and possibly 3D games, to start me off at game programming before I pursue more difficult languages. Does anybody out there have any suggestions?
  7. Arcfusiongames

    Need Help on Texturing in Blender 2.49

    JTippetts, Sorry I wasn't specific enough, I didn't really know the correct terms for these kind of things. Anyway, thanks for the links.
  8. Arcfusiongames

    Moving from modding to programming, where to start?

    In my opinion, C# is a much better language than C++ because of managed code and the .NET framework. It is also supported by alot of game engines as a scripting language. This is just my opinion, its all up to you.
  9. Arcfusiongames

    New to 3D modeling...

    The model's you have created in Blender can be scalled down in the game engine you are using. If you are using Blender as your game engine then I think you can either scale them down with the S key OR script it to scale the model down to what you want.
  10. Arcfusiongames

    Need Help on Texturing in Blender 2.49

    Hi, I recently completed some models for a game project in Blender verison 2.49 and I have just drawn the textures for them. I know how to animate my models but I do NOT know how to texture them. Does anybody know where I can find a good tutorial on all types of texturing in Blender 2.49? Thanks.
  11. Arcfusiongames

    Dropping the F-Bomb

    Superbly put DarklyDreaming, that pretty much sums up swearing in games and the reasons behind it.
  12. Arcfusiongames

    Becoming a Games Designer

    I'll answer this with one of my personal learning experiences. I used to just design games in my spare time and that is all I wanted to do but I soon realised that just being good at designing games isn't going to get you very far. So I began learning how to model and animate in Blender 3D, make maps in Unity 3D, draw concept art, write better dialogue and stories, compose music in FLStudio and now I am learning C# programming. You see, I knew I couldn't get very far with just game designing alone, you have to expand your skill set but still focus on the main thing that you are really good at. Try to find your calling, it may been game design it may not be but the point is, the more skills you have the more likely you are to get the job.
  13. 114 Steam games, only finished less than 20 of them lol
  14. Arcfusiongames

    Where to advertise?

    If its an MMO you should contact sites like MMOHut to get them to review your game. If not, then like mmarkzen said, try to advertise on sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. You should also look for forums or sites that are based around the genre that your game is and tell people on that forum about your game to try to get them interested in it.
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