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    Going in the Army

    I said "Eat a Dick!" no eat dick. Get it right. Sound like LessBread needs to get bread. Fuckin stupid ass moderator, band me then ya pussy ass bitch. I can give a shit less fuck wad! If you want a real right, then goto -> I'll be waiting to kick the shit out of you profusely. // lessbread edit - I removed the poor sops street address. [Edited by - LessBread on October 3, 2006 1:26:07 AM]
  2. sakky

    Going in the Army

    Quote:Original post by CoffeeMug Quote:Original post by Shai Anyway, for all I know I'm miles off target here, but that's what it looks like to me. That looks about right to me too. It's pretty interesting how people will self-delude themselves with a million different things just to surrender their free will to somebody else because the thought of controlling your own destiny is too damned scary. I think joining the military can be a noble decision that deserves respect if you're honest with yourself and mature enough to understand what it is that you're doing and why you're really doing it. However, in his case it's a joke. I don't understand how a responsible military force can accept such individuals anyway, it's immoral and probably borderline illegal. Simply put, I think your a fag. The Army has already excepted me, so eat a dick! Personally I could care less what you believe in and what you think. Your just another one of those people in the world that the world would be better off with out. For example, if I had the choice to shoot a towel head or you, I would shoot you first, then the towel head.
  3. sakky

    Going in the Army

    Quote:Original post by Dmytry Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by sakky LessBread, screw off!!! All you have is negative things to say. My spelling may not be that good, but who cares. Name calling is not appropriate and neither is your smart ass remarks. Do you think your better then me? All I have to say is negative? Do you think that because I said you would likely end up in Iraq? Or because I thought the Air Force offered better opportunities? Clearly, I'm better than you at spelling. In the end, you probably should go into the army so they can thicken up your skin against jabs about your spelling skills. as i've said. OP wanted people saying how cool he is for considering joining army and for coming up with some rhetorics. It didn't happen (and it's 100% obvious that it wasn't going to happen), hence the disappointment. re: insults used without having idea what them means. i also didn't know what these means, but i don't use insults without knowing meanings. And if i would i wouldn't mind 10% warning level. You are absolutely wrong! I didn't make a thread about joining the Army just to look cool. I made the thread to because I was excited for joining the Army and wanted to express that excitement. Instead, all I get are more negative replies that are not really about "We care about you, make sure you are making the right choice". They just rant on about other's liberal views. Most people in life I come across applaud me for joining the Army. Most think it's a good idea because of the benefits. They also see the risks, but.... life involves risks. I'm so tired about hearing "What about Iraq? What about Iraq?"! Screw your Iraq I'm tired of hearing about. It is NOT definite that I would go there. Quote:Original post by Shai Quote:Original post by sakky Are you also Christian? I assuming so because of "Your brother in Christ". That's cool. I have many reasons for joining the Military. The main one is to fight for what I believe in. As a Christian, I would proudly lay down my life for my Lord and Saviour. I prayed, and asked him "If it is you will Lord, allow me to join the Military". good thing then that you never read the Ten Commandments You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God. Remember the Sabbath, and keep it holy. Honor your father and your mother. You shall not murder. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife. You shall not covet your neighbor's house. but wait, God spoke to you, so that's alright seriously, I don't care if you join the army or not, just don't hide behind your faith - especially when it's really damn clear about the issue of killing people I'm not hiding behind my faith at all. Why would you think I'm hiding? I said I wanted to face those fears and challenges in hopes to over come them. How does that imply hiding behind ones faith? Are you are refereeing to what I said about god speaking to me? Hmm... I'm still not hiding. I know the 10 Commandments. But there is more then just 10. Remember, judge not unless you be judged your self.
  4. sakky

    Going in the Army

    Are you also Christian? I assuming so because of "Your brother in Christ". That's cool. I have many reasons for joining the Military. The main one is to fight for what I believe in. As a Christian, I would proudly lay down my life for my Lord and Saviour. I prayed, and asked him "If it is you will Lord, allow me to join the Military". For many reasons I want to join the Military. I would like to better my self spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. Becoming a Christian has helped all those tremendously. Joining the Military is the next step. Call me old fashion, but this is one nation, under God! I would like to join the Military for so many reasons. The pay off is awsome. But, there is a very REAL risk. I may loose my life and I may not. But the risk is mine to take. I choose to face those fears and challenged in hope to over come them. I'd rather die trying to better my self and standing for what I believe in. I feel it is my duty + it's something I want to do and that makes it all the better. I don't the risk in Iraq so lightly as some of you may think. I take it quite seriously. But, as I said before, I choose to face those fears and challenges in hopes to over come them. I have faith in my Lord. If it's his will that I join the Military (for what ever reason) I know its for the best of me. So do I believe that God wants me to join the Army? For now, Yes! Besides, there is a *possibility* that I will go to Iraq, not definite. But if that is my destiny, then so be it.
  5. sakky

    Going in the Army

    I would like to join the army because I want to gain personal respect and honor and from my friends. There is a lot of other benefits too. Besides, I belive it is my right to fight for my country and I would like to actually support the freedoms I enjoy. *If* I go to Iraq, then so be it. By joining the Army I feel like I have personally aided my country and participated in defending it and what it stands for. To me that means a lot! I may die, but then, I may not. There is a possibility, but I must look past that and look at the greater good or goal. I would participate in something greater then my self and I belive I will do good for that cause. There really isn't any other way to explain it. If you understand me then I don't need to explain my self. If you don't then I couldn't explain it, because it's a feeling of duty *patriotism*. The honor and self respect are counter parts that come along with the package. There are other services I could join, but I started with the Army, thus I shall end with the Army. I've always wanted to fight for the greater good. I belive joining the Army will allow me to do so. LessBread, screw off!!! All you have is negative things to say. My spelling may not be that good, but who cares. Name calling is not appropriate and neither is your smart ass remarks. Do you think your better then me?
  6. sakky

    Going in the Army

    It's not that I'm risking my life to become a programmer because I'm already a programmer. Maybe not a professional one, but I do know how to program and use it almost every day. I was stating the career opportunity. The bashing comment was directed at that one guy. But I said complaining about risks because all I read or warning, warning, warning about things. So any ways, sorry. I guess I did ask what you thought. Maybe I should do that. I think joining the Army would be a good reason because I could learn a lot form it. Gain some respect and honor for serving my country. I would also learn what it truly means to be a US Citizen by serving my country and helping protect the rights and freedoms people take for granite. There are risks involved but the pay off (I think) is worth it. Besides, to get ahead in life one must take risks. Joining the Military would is "potentially" risking my life. You assume wrong if you think by creating this thread if haven't thoroughly thought joining the Military. I think it is a good idea. But that's my opinion.
  7. sakky

    Going in the Army

    Man, I didn't I was going to get bashed on like this. an idiot am I? What ever. That doesn't sound like constructive criticism. Oh well. I think the Army can do a lot for me and I want to serve my country. I would like to get some of the technical training the Army has to offer. Any ways, the recruiter is blowing smoke up my ass because I know what I'm getting into or have a fairly good idea about it. I just thought I would spread the joy. I'm not going to explain my self why I think its a good idea, but I'm sad to see so many of you complaining about the risks involved.
  8. sakky

    Going in the Army

    I wonder what kind of computer/tech jobs I can get in the Army? After I finished my time in the service, wouldn't my experience help get me a job as a programmer? Say if I went in for Information Technology Specialist. From the description I read, it sounds like an Information Systems Analysts or (ISA). Imagery Analysts sound like it would be a fun job too.
  9. sakky

    Going in the Army

    PS: I'm mainly worried because I want to do good for my self and my country. Fear of failure I guess.
  10. sakky

    Going in the Army

    I've been talking with a recruiter and I'm going in the Army. For what, I'm not sure yet, I have to see what is available. I'm a little worried about the ASVAB. So I've been studying a lot for it. What do you guys think? I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
  11. How will I acquire .inc libraries for Win32 libraries such as common dialogs or common controls + the main user32, gdi and kernel32 libraries. I wish to use ASM in parts of my Visual C++ project and I do not know hot to get the .inc libraries. I read of a program on MSDN (H2INC) and the program woul not correctly produce .inc files for windows.h.
  12. sakky

    Assembly question

    PS. I know about mappers. Thanks for the help guys!!!
  13. sakky

    Assembly question

    Quote:Original post by t0Xic Can someone tell him that different threads don't use the same stack ... t0}{!c A.....doe! I seam to forgot that fact. Oops! What I'm trying to do-> Yes, I'm trying to write an emulator. For the NES + others. From what I've read 65(02/ C02 / C816) all use the same insruction set, just added instruction in the processors. So in the long run, coding the C816 would probebly give you the emulator for the other two. Or aleast I think, because only a few of the instructions use 32-Bit addressing more the C816 uses. or the addressing modes are designated 16/32 via 02/C02 vs C816. Any ways, I wanted to translate the instruction set from those three in x86. I see that they are a lot like x86 so it would be easier to tranlate them in such ways. The ASM emulators I've seen use this sort of style. The instructions are just macros like the addressing modes are. The only *real* difference is that I would be using the x86 ASM in place of 65*.02 ASM. What I was worried about was the stack getting all messed up. But since I don't haveto. I just need to write macros for the addressing modes which arn't that hard to do. Then use the x86's registers inplace of the 65*.02's registers and directly translate the instructions. Some of the branch/jump and int functions may be a pain though. I've got an so/so emulator in C already that I've wrote. But I want on in ASM. Also, I haven't been able to test the C emulator yet and it also *only* supports the 6502's addressing mores & not the 65C02's even though I have C02 instructions implemented. I may have to reqrite a few of them because the bit operations Hi vs. lo endy and other special bit & flag operations may be a little inaccurate. I thought it would be a learning experience + a little easier and a lot faster is I rewrote it in ASM. All the other emulators I see use the same array of functions & int for the insrtuction set & addressing mores + a cyclic table. By the way, I'm using MASM(v7?) that comes with Visual C++.NET + Service Pack & Platform SDK Update.
  14. I'm learning assembly and there are a few things I'm worried about. I want to translate machine language 6502 machine language to x86 and I'm not sure if I can get away with it for reasons I will explain. LDA (Load Accumulator) is a 6502 instruction that can be translated to "mov al, $data" and I would like to directly translate a lot of other instructions in this manner. Such as the LDX, LDA, etc.. Instructions I'm worried about are stack functions or flag functions. Do I have to use a ROMs memory space to store the stack or can I get away with using the x86's? x86's meaning MY processor or the host. A good reason why I'm so worried is when the simulator/emulator for the 6502's routines are finished and general the application program stuff like Windows message loop and what not. If I use the host processor for a stack and processor state (i.e. pushes and pops), will I end back up were I should if where I left off? Meaning, what if some code pushes or pops something off the stack that I put there? That is one reason why I'm worried about using the host processor because I don't want other code messing up the emulation. Second, I'm worried if I should write the stack to the ROM's memory space or not. I wouldn't have to if I was using the host. This *could* speed. But certain tings I know I will have to write to the ROM's memory. Things like read/write routines that are specific, like memory addressing. But not if I use the host for most of the other stuff, right? For example: LDA #$10 STA $2020 // would have to make a write here! LDA #$20 PHA // wouldn't have to write, use host's stack (i.e. "push al" for x86) See what I mean. I only see a problem when I go back to PLA (Pull accumulator) and I get a wrong value because something else pushed something there! But so far, I only see that I would have to write to ROM memory space when I cross an instruction that does so. Other wise, I belive I can get away with completely using the host. Only problems I see arethe stack and maybe the X,Y registers. I think BX, BP, SI or one of those sorts, may work. Please help with some advice. Thanks in advance :D
  15. sakky

    how do I pass this to another object

    Derive you objects from a base class that your trajectorry class uses (i.e. abstract base classes). For example you could... // base object calss class base_object { public // TODO : add virtual methods } ; // derived classes class ball : public baes_object ; class paddlep : publie baes_object ; class paddlec : public base_object ; // rewrite Trajectory's constructor like this Trajectory::Trajectory( base_object* obj ) { // do stuff } Understand? If you use base classes you could derive you needed objects from those classes and only implement the parts that are needed. The cool thing is that you can pass your newly derived object as one of classes it was derived from.
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