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  1. Hello I want to start developing a game with a friend and some fellow students from shool. My freind and I started working on a game and I thought that the development process would go faster if we got some people from the school that I attend to get involved.    I plan to publish the game to newgrounds.com eventually for profit. Newgrounds has a profit sharing system that I don't want to use. What type of contract do I need that allows me to accept contributions from the new people that I am including in on this project that says that they are volunteers for the project that might be paid but does not obligate me to pay them. I would also like the contract to say that all the work that they do for the game no longer belongs to them, but belongs to me. Thank you.
  2. Dev-C++ refuses to output EXE, no error

    Eureka!! If you dev-c++ project name has any periods in it ie: 2.5, 1.0,... etc. anywhere in its name, no exe will be generated. instead you will get a file with a weird extension. probably the same extension as number that comes before the period.
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