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    My Apologies

    I lied to my journal about updates This is my final week at my internship and I have been SWAMPED...(thats what doing things last minute does to you ) I havent had much spare time so thats why this journal hasnt been updated. Im heading back home next week, and this journal WILL be updated with the project. I AM STILL ALIVE!!!!
  2. JosephParrilla

    Small project beginning

    Ok, so Ive worked through a few XNA tutorials just to get the feel, but in the end the only way I get anywhere is starting a project and learning from failure. My first small project is going to be none other than a twist on pong. Sometimes it can be boring for me to go back and write something like pong, especially when I was doing some more advanced stuff in Java. The thing is, not only am I new to XNA, but Ive never used C# before... so I have a lot to tackle while Im developing. Writing pong will allow me to focus on learning the framework and the new language. So the basic idea is a typical pong clone, except with the addition of a few things. Namely, weapons and special powerups. Im thinking of a few things, such as getting 5 points in a row gets you a missile, which can be used to blow a chunk off of the other paddle... you know stuff like that. Also cool ways to alter the physics of the ball to your advantage. This should be a fun project and a great intro to the new tools. Ill be posting here with updates, screenshots, playable pieces, etc. I might also write some short articles explaining how I implement certain things. But I warn you, if anyone does read these things, please know that what I do is most likely far from ideal. Alot of my code will just WORK, that doesnt mean its what you should do. Sometimes I can be a real hack, so because of that I probably wont post code I will share ideas, but I wont subject you to my sometimes bad implementations Im working on a quick layout of the game, just classes, methods, etc... I will post that when I get out of work today or possibly tomorrow. PEACE
  3. JosephParrilla

    We Be Jammin!

    Thanks for being my first ever journal commenter! This seems cool, Im a bit far from Iowa though
  4. JosephParrilla

    First Entry

    So Im making a journal finally, mainly to give myself a place to rant and post nonsense about what Im doing. I always enjoy sharing information that I learn. Basically to briefly introduce myself. Im 21 years old and about to enter my senior year of a CS Bachelors. Im currently finishing up a summer internship at TiVo, inc... you know, those old DVR's that noone talks about anymore? Its been a fun summer, doing GUI stuff and just learning whats its like to work on code that was written years back and has awful documentation... long story short.. comment your code please! I started gaining interest in game development about a year ago. I fussed with Java2D for a while, made a bunch of small games such as pong, tetris, etc. Up until last week I was using Slick2D, but as of this week I am officially an XNA user. This journal will be about my experiences learning XNA and C#, my projects, my troubles, and anything else cool that I learn along the way. I really like getting into lower level engine code, which explains my choice of using a lighter weight framework instead of an engine or authoring tool. My biggest enemy in life is my tendency to want to do everything. In addition to writing games, I love drawing, painting, and banging on my piano. The problem is, there's just not enough time. Ive recently been able to prioritize things, but still I wind up finding myself engrossed in one thing and neglecting the other for a bit. But I'm happy, so I don't give a shit. I am currently making quick, small games just to introduce myself to C# and XNA, they are mostly boring and I probably wont post anything about them. Im hoping to start something substantial soon, so thats when Ill actually write some stuff here. Im also dabbling in graphics programming at the same time, so I might add in some of my encounters with that. Im looking forward to keeping up with this, and hopefully some newer people can learn a few things from my mistakes
  5. JosephParrilla

    Isometric Map in SFML

    This is really great. I dont use SFML, I use Java and Slick2d/LWJGL.. but since thats all build on openGL,..I should be able to apply some of this stuff directly. I really want to try out a simple lighting system like youve done. WE NEED MORE ARTICLES LIKE THIS!
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