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  1. NeHe tutorials license

    [quote name='Caste' timestamp='1308146443' post='4823597'] Hi David, this is the perfect location to ask for these issues, and I'm really sorry that the reply took so long.[/quote] No problem for the delay [quote]As Jeff's Readme reads: [quote]If you use the code for your own projects please give me credit, or mention my web site somewhere in your program or it's docs.[/quote] You should be fine if you did that, though I didn't see something like that in the Android Market.[/quote] Shame on me. I've already corrected that on the app description. I guess It'll take a while to refresh the web content. Finally, I unpublished the paid version and released all the features with the free one. I just put an ad at the top of the preference screen. Thanks for the response!
  2. NeHe tutorials license

    Hi all. I've ported the code of NeHe's tutorial 09 to an Android Live Wallpaper and was accused of ripping off its code to make it: "Too bad you ripped this source code off from an Android OpenGL tutorial. Must be hard when other people do the work for ya huh?" Although it's not based on any [b]Android[/b] Opengl tutorial, it's based on Nehe's Tutorial 09. This is the Market page for it: [url="https://market.android.com/details?id=com.forgottensystems.starslwp.lite"]Dancing Stars - Android Market[/url] While it's true that I based my work on the tutorial, I made several modifications to it, as for personalization, performance & quality control, etc. So, based on this, I have two questions: [list=1][*]I'd like to provide the Android port of the code, who should I contact?[*]Is it legal or correct to sell the "advance" version of the live wallpaper? If it's not, I'll gladly remove it from the Android Market.[/list] While I get a response, I'm removing the pay version from the Market.. I'm deeply sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused. Regards. David Erosa
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