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  1. To create an array with specified type use: Data *data = new Data[SIZE_OF_ARRAY]; There's no way that I know of around the two dimensional function parameter. The compiler needs to know the size of each row in order to traverse the array correctly.
  2. I'm currently writing my own exporter for Maya. The exporter is ment for characters and has support for bones and animation, but since I don't have too much experience with modeling, I don't know how models are usually built. For now my exporter only works with a single mesh. So my question is: Is it common to model with multiple meshes when building characters or do you start with a single mesh and just transform it?
  3. It seems I'm doing it correctly so I'll just have to keep looking for possible errors... Thanks for the replies :)
  4. Say I want to rotate by q1 first then by q2. The way I've tried is q2 * q1. Is this correct?
  5. I'm having trouble rotating a quaternion by a quaternion. I've read several places that to rotate a vector by a quaternion you just create a "pure" quaternion from the vector and perform the following: q * p * p* (q is the quaternion, p is the pure quaternion and q* is q conjugated) Since this is the case I thought maybe that this same operation could be applied to rotate a quaternion like this: q1 * q2 * q1* But this doesn't seem to work. I've also tried just multiplying q1 and q2, but this doesn't do it either, but since quaternions isn't commutative I may be multiplying the wrong way... Can anyone tell me how this is supposed to be done correctly?
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