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    Session pics

  2. MichaelEngesser

    New Music - Your Feedback please

    @siavash: Thank you! Sorry, i didn't reply earlier, totally missed your post.
  3. MichaelEngesser

    New Music - Your Feedback please

    No problem! I'll look into that - maybe it's time to update a few libraries...Again, thank you for your input!
  4. MichaelEngesser

    New Music - Your Feedback please

    Thanks so much! What can I do to improve the production value? Was there something in particular that really stuck out to you?
  5. MichaelEngesser

    New Music - Your Feedback please

    Hey Everybody! I just got a sound cloud profile and thought I should let you guys know ;) http://soundcloud.com/michael-engesser/michael-engesser-scoring-demo http://soundcloud.com/michael-engesser/nucleus http://soundcloud.com/michael-engesser/hot-pursuit http://soundcloud.com/michael-engesser/the-funeral http://soundcloud.com/michael-engesser/startin-up ...please let me know what you think! best, Mike
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