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  1. Lesson 31

    [quote name='Erik Rufelt' timestamp='1304948229' post='4808529'] Just a guess, but that tutorial is old and Milkshape might have changed its file or model format in newer versions. Try saving it with an older format version if Milkshape supports it, or see if you can download an older version to test with. [/quote] Ok, i'll try that later tonight when i get home, if anyone else has any sugestions you're more than welcome :/ I'm actually considering just using some .3ds loader since there's alot more models available so if this doesn't work out i guess ill try it with lib3ds or something else.
  2. Lesson 31

    Hey, i was using lesson 31s code to load a milkshape format model, and then display it in opengl, using VS2008 but the model is loaded without the texture attached. This only happens to my models, the model from the tutorial is textured just fine and i have no idea what to do to make it work. Here's the code together with the models, hope someone can help me out with this, so thanks in advance. Note: there's slight header modifications to suit my project, hope its not too hard to figure out. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YH09UMWM
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