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  1. Just making a quick download of Battle Field 3 for PC. A 15GB download in 5 hours is not funny. Let's hope the game is good.
  2. DarrenHorton

    is this good for a beginner

    Yes 3D Buzz is worthwhile the man went into mind numbing detail in the C# XNA game tutorials, I don know about the other languages they offer. TBH 3D Buzz made the whole experience easier and you can take baby steps. If you havent done already take a look at the sample tutorials they offer, so you can judge the content. Beginners tutorials I found for XNA were difficult to find on the internet, so I would recommend you give 3D Buzz a try.
  3. DarrenHorton

    How to I get good at game programming in C#?

    http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/sv_home.php http://www.learnvisualstudio.net/ http://www.csharp-station.com/default.aspx http://www.dotnetperls.com/ C# For Dummies is a good book, as well as Microsoft Visual C# 2010.
  4. DarrenHorton

    Indie game developer looking for a start

    Take a look at www.3DBuzz.com there's lots of gamemaking tutorials for beginners in C++ and C#/XNA.
  5. DarrenHorton

    simple c# question

    You can call .ToString() on any object. http://msdn.microsof...t.tostring.aspx Here's an enum.ToString() webpage. http://www.dotnetperls.com/enum-tostring
  6. Click on C# and take a look at the videos. You can have a taster session looking at the free C# videos. 3D Buzz is the only website I know which gives in depth C# beginner game tutorials walkthroughs. Of course you have to pay as the videos are long. Learn Visual Studio .Net is good for learning C# but is not free.
  7. http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/sv_home.php
  8. DarrenHorton

    XNA if statements, confusion!

    Normally C# keyboard state goes like this. KeyboardState keyboardState = Keyboard.GetState(); if(keyboardState.IsKeyDown.Keys(Space) && previousKeyboardState.IsKeyUp.Keys(Space) { then do stuff. } KeyboardState previousKeyboardState = keyboardState; previousKeyboardState stores the keyboardState from the last update cycle. You will at least wanna make previousKeyboardState a class field so the previousUpdates keyboard state is persistent in memory. As update in Xna is called 60 times per second usually this is why you need the previousKeyboardState keyUp check to prevent the if block from being constantly entered upon the key press.
  9. DarrenHorton


    I dont know C++ howver I know they are in C#. Surely a search of "Pointers in C++" will yield the webpage though.
  10. DarrenHorton

    beginners c# program

    The best beginners C# game programming tutorials are at 3D Buzz.com. You will have to pay but the video tutorials are crystal clear. Searching for a beginners tutorial on the net is difficult because they all employ OOP concepts.
  11. DarrenHorton

    What's with the double semicolon

    IN C# it is for an infinite loop the break and return statements are how the infinite loop is broken out of.
  12. You can do Bounding Sphere collision detection for the balls and bounding box to bounding sphere for the ball to paddle if you dont know what they are type them in the IDE and highlight and hit F1. Here's a link for Bounding volumes collision. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb313876.aspx
  13. DarrenHorton

    Angle Between Two Points

    Theres a MSDN article on this here http://create.msdn.com/en-US/education/catalog/sample/chase_evade you can download the source code and take a look BTW the spritebatch call takes a rotation in float radians you can convert from radians-to degrees via the MathHelper.ToRadians();
  14. DarrenHorton

    Classes and neatening code!

    A Class is really a classification for an object. You could have a Base Animal Class, with derived Mammal/Human/Rat/Cat Classes. In the class you have everything you need to use your class object. As in a Human class would describe more functions than the Rat Class. To get the objects to interact with each other you would pass a class object as a method parameter, or loop thru a list of say rats to check if the human can see them. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms173109.aspx
  15. DarrenHorton

    update() question

    http://blogs.msdn.co...g-gametime.aspx The above blog talks about XNA Gametime. All of the games updating is done via update in one form or another. In fixed step this is called 60 times per second. For a method not to be called so often you would have to write an access condition. At the moment my beginners game gets choppy because I have 3 objects each, calling a method which checks a number of things. So in the end I have to rewrite the checking condition. It's probably better to check based on the characters position whether a collision is possible. Obviously I dont know your game but perhaps just look at it on the screen and try and determine the conditions under which a method should be accessed.
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