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  1. UK Game Studios: I have been approached by an investor who owns several businesses that is interested in acquiring or investing in a games studio. They are interested in established studios with a body of published work and/or a game in a significant stage of production. They would like to arrange initial calls or meetings with any interested parties and are happy to enter into NDAs to ensure all conversations remain confidential in the early stages. If you would be interested in an initial conversation, then please PM or email me (john@gamevoices.com) and we can take it from there. *please do not respond in comments.
  2. Beyond 'Pink' Games: Industry and Academia Must Work Together ... - Huffington Post: Huff... https://t.co/JAACeLrHJj #Gamedev #videogames
  3. They Came, They Saw, They Played: 3 Reasons Game Developers Should Build for HTML5 - Gama... https://t.co/tuEGnhAXgw #Gamedev #videogames
  4. Twitter Gives Game Developers Another Tool - Fortune: Twitter Gives Game Developers Anoth... https://t.co/Ba4MRRvfbo #Gamedev #videogames
  5. Legendary Indie Music Studio & Gamevoices partner to offer Voiceover & #Gameaudio services to Indie #GameDevs. http://www.gamevoices.co.uk/profiles/blogs/legendary-manchester-indie-music-studio-announces-partnership-wit
  6. RT @NathalieNahai: About to talk on @SkyNews about why code submitted by females gets higher approval only when gender is unidentifiable #d
  7. JohnArmstrong

    Cheap Voice Acting?

    I run a network called Gamevoices. A casting call is free. Over 10,000 actors available. 2000 on site at www.Gamevoices.co.uk. You contract directly with the actors.   regards - John john@gamevoices.com
  8. JohnArmstrong

    Voice Acting options and costs

    Hi   I offer free Casting Calls to my network of video game voice actors. Some are newbies, some are AAA title credited. You just tell them what kind of actors you are looking for and the parts you want them to play.  Examples of calls can be found in our blogs section.   In a case where you have a limited budget its best to also state how much you would like to pay or even ask for volunteers. Some newbie actors would do some work to get their first game credit- obviously if you can pay for a job well done- you should. The actors who are interested will respond and you get to choose which ones you want to use. Its a win-win.   Please visit www.gamevoices.com   John Armstrong john@gamevoices.co.uk @Gamevoices
  9. www.gamevoices.co.uk - Where Gamedevs find voice acting talent for video & mobile games and for actors to demonstrate their voiceover skills to the games industry. Over 1000 actors. Many newbies will work for acting credits or experience but also includes AAA credited actors and everything in between. Come and pay us a visit and find actors for your next game project. http://www.twitter.com/Gamevoices
  10.   Last week an Indie developer approached Gamevoices for actors to audition for their new game. We posted on site and within 3days had received over  800 views and 90 submissions, and the client is extremely happy with the  caliber of applicants, ranging from newbies to actors from franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Walking Dead.   http://www.gamevoices.co.uk/profiles/blogs/indie-game-project-seeks-voice-actors   This particular client was offering actors royalties from their Indie game but there can be many forms of remuneration like this for voice actors.   Get in touch and see what Gamevoices can bring to your video or mobile game.   john@gamevoices.co.uk www.gamevoices.co.uk @Gamevoices  
  11. Haven't been here for a while. Thought I'd pay a visit and say hello.
  12. Can You Please Help Make The Halo Festival of Games in the NW of England a Reality.. Go to the fan page and 'like' it today.. http://www.facebook.com/pages/HaloFestival
  13. North West England Video Games event planner looks for support from the local game development and gamers community. A North West games development enthusiast has designs on creating a video games event in Rossendale, Lancashire, against the backdrop of a five metre tall Panopticon artwork called 'Halo'. John Armstrong, who has been involved in the games and mobile industry for a number of years, hit upon the idea of creating the event following a discussion with business contacts about a similar event in United States. “I thought if it can be done there why can't I do the same here?” said Armstrong. “And what better backdrop than 'Halo'. The area needs a lift and Halo needs to return to being the symbol of regeneration it was originally intended to be.” Whilst still in the early stages of development, ‘The Halo Festival of Games’ has already gained the support of a number of high profile participants. The list of would be attendees includes video game writers, designers, voice actors and comic book writers and artists from iconic publications such as 2000AD, Marvell and DC Comics. Armstrong’s proposed festival has also received messages of support from the voice of Super Mario, Charles Martinet and Stephen Fry, a huge fan of video games, who tweeted details of the ‘The Halo Festival of Games’ to his 4.5m Twitter followers. The festival’s organiser is now looking for the support local educational establishments and UK game studios, as well as video game fans in general, to help get the proposed festival off the ground. “We’ve already had support for this event from the global video gaming community, they’ve shown a real interest in attending this event,” said Armstrong. “It would be great if the local community and UK video games industry could show their support and in the process help in the regeneration of East Lancashire.” List of potential speakers David Sobolov – Voice actor. Arbiter in Halo Wars and Azmodan in Diablo3 Adam Harrington – Voice actor. League of Legends, Assassins Creed Adam Howdon – Voice actor. Tin Tin from Adventures of Tin Tin Game and Anders from Dragon Age Dave Windett – Professional comic writer. Inspector Gadget, Daffy Duck & Korky Cat. Andy Diggle - Former 2000AD editor and Marvel and DC Comics writer Antony Johnston - Video game author of titles inc Dead Space Dan Walker - Batman Begins Batmobile designer and designer of Aliens for Crysis2, For more information go to facebook.com/HaloFestival or on Twitter @Halofestival or contact: john@thehalo.co.uk
  14. WGE:MAG 5: Out now. Games to Movies feature. Pdf- http://bit.ly/NF3VO7 inc: David Mullich- Cyberdreams and making games with HR Giger & Wes Craven.
  15. Deus-ex, AENetworks (Pawnstars,Storeagewars games); Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth- interview &more. http://www.worldgamingexecutives.com/page/articles-2
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