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  1. Could you share the code? that lib is used almost everywhere, it doesn't crash if you use it as intended. What compiler are you using?
  2. nesdavid

    Token representation

    I did a simple .h file parser so as to generate runtime information for c structs. I load the entire file in memory as a char* and my token struct is defined as follow struct token { u32 Len; char *String; }; The char* only points to a part of the memory, it doesn't generate a new string and the Len tells you where the string stops. Notice that this doesn't play well with other functions that expects a zero terminated string, whenever I need to pass a token to any of these functions I just have a TokenToString() that creates a new zero terminated char*
  3. nesdavid

    Youtube tutorials/Online courses

    I really like handmade hero show. But I can't say if there's good enough for a beginner. I'm an experienced game programmer and I learned a few things, but most of the time is pretty boring. Maybe you can watch a few and jump into your own conclusions. Cheers!
  4. nesdavid

    What should I do for my first game?

    When I was a young boy there were a path we used to follow, and it was, first make a tetris, then a breakout, then a pacman and finally a 2d platformer. Nowadays is easier if you use a framework, but I believe it still work. Maybe if tetris it's too hard you can make a tic tac toe first.
  5. Me da bronca la gente que se queja de X soft como si no hubiesen otras alternativas. // cc @mmustapic
  6. El bajo en Space oddity es increiblemente bueno! #davidbowie
  7. Thanks @Dedalord for our brand new mugs!
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