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  1. Kraur

    How to make 8 bit music?

    Exactly what I wanted.. Thank you so much!
  2. Hey everyone, I am trying to make a game completely by myself and everything is coming along nicely. But I need some music, and I've never composed anything in my life. The game is 8bit styled so I'll need some 8 bit music. How do I make this? Is there a program or something?
  3. Kraur

    C++ GUI Builders?

    Thanks alot, and sorry about the wrong section. I woke up today and I don't know what I was thinking when I posted this here lol
  4. Hey there, I think this is the right section.. I was wondering if there are any GUI builder type things for C++. I want to make a level editor in C++ but I wouldn't want to have to type out my entire GUI. I've heard of QT but I'm not exactly sure what that is. Any help? P.S. Incase you don't know what I mean by GUI builder, I mean something like JBuilder.
  5. Does LuaInterface work with XNA? My friend is creating a game with XNA and I would love to help him with scripting, but I'm not interested in learning C# at all and I love lua, so I was hoping that I could use LuaInterface to enable me to script in Lua for his XNA game. Does it work? Do I need to do anything extra?
  6. Kraur

    Examples of Lua?

    Thanks for the replies! I was thinking of this 2D game idea which is actually very basic and I wanted to use C++ with Lua for it. So I would use C++ for the things like Collision Detection, Game Menus, Character Movement and then use Lua for shooting (like a bullet), power ups, AI, UI, etc. ? I would prefer to do almost all of the game in Lua, the only reason I'm using C++ is so I can use Lua within the game
  7. Kraur

    Examples of Lua?

    Hey everyone, I hope this is the right place to post this. I've currently been learning and getting used to Lua and I'm loving it. I've tried many different languages and Lua is the only one that I am really enjoying. But I was wondering, what is Lua acctually used for? I know it's been used in lots of major games and you can create cool add ons in WoW or SCII, but what is it used for in another type of game? I've heard it's used for small things, but what exactly are those small things? I hope someone can help! Thanks.
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