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  1. First fathers day!! :D
  2. Simple hitTest with directions

    It looks like you have it there without the complex if statements (I'm assuming A is the window and B is a box?). [CODE] if (left) return 1; if (right) return 2; if (up) return 3; if (down) return 4; else return 0; [/CODE] Your booleans show whether one point is already pass another.
  3. If I've understood correctly, you might want to have a look at [url=""]Processing[/url]. Very easy to use Java API for visuals. Many add-ins have been made for it (such as model importers) so I'm sure you would be able to suit it to your needs!
  4. animation errors

    Almost identical? If you look for what you have done differently that could be your answer! As far as I can see, what you got looks good... I haven't touched much graphics code in the last 6 months mind you! The only thing I would say that looks out of place is this: [CODE] if (x1 > windowWidth - rsize || x1 < -windowWidth) xstep = -xstep; [/CODE] -windowWidth (in a few places). As far as I'm aware, in OpenGL the origin is bottom left, so -windowWidth would be off the screen! I believe this should be 0. Also it seems that the rect is initially being drawn off the screen with y - rsize: 0 - 25 = -25 which is below the window. Hope this is helpful!