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  1. marcClintDion

    How to bind a 3d noise volume

    GL_TEXTURE_3D perhaps.  It works for me.
  2. marcClintDion

    Glsl shader wont compile

    For many drivers, the same problem will occur if you try to write to a variable that is being passed down the line. 
  3. marcClintDion

    MaPZone Tutorial

  4. marcClintDion

    Thin Film Interference for Computer Graphics

    I think that the issues some people may be having is the floats being written as integers .  Not all drivers will automatically cast (2) into (2.0).  All nVidia drivers will and newer ATI drivers will as well, but most others will not.    Anyways, this is an awesome article, thank you.
  5. marcClintDion

    Lone Wolf Killers

    I love it, I learned a few things about myself here. I've just realized recently that I have "the Infinite Alpha Syndrome", I didn't know what to call it, it's settled, I can live without triangle strips and deferred rendering for now. And tunnel vision, I've almost completlely neglected collision detection response. And desert first. It all looks good and it runs fast but it doesn't do much.
  6. marcClintDion

    Lone Wolf Killers

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