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  1. [color=#000000][font=Arial]Hey GameDev community! Design3 is offering a sweet introductory deal for our first 4 hour Online Workshop. Attend "Programming in C# with XNA" this Sunday for nearly 70% Off [/font] [font=Arial]Programming Games in C# with XNA is a four hour long workshop intended for beginner to intermediate programmers who want to make games for Windows, Xbox 360, or Windows Phone.[/font] [font=Arial]Topics include: Creating a new XNA project, displaying text, moving a character with the keyboard and the controller, and packaging your game for distribution.[/font] [font=Arial]This workshop is taught by Brett Chalupa, who owns and operates independent game studio Hokori Interactive.[/font] [font=Arial]Sign-up here: [/font][color=#006699][font=Arial]http://ow.ly/b6uVQ[/font] [font="Arial"][size="2"][color="#000000"]We hope you can join us! [/font]
  2. Wanted to share some tutorials with the community. Here are links to 3dsMax tutorials and Blender tutorials. Enjoy!
  3. We have interviews from people in all aspects of the industry. From topics like interviews with the legend Will Wright, Notch from Minecraft, and even inside Mixamo studios. Whether you are looking to go indie, work for a studio, or just learn more design3 has got your back. If you create a free account you can watch them all here- http://www.design3.com/career-corner. Or you can watch the on the design3 youtube channel
  4. I highly recommend the GameSalad engine for beginners as there is very little programming needed. We have a great set of free tutorials on GameSalad If you don't mind some programming Unity has a free version that you can make commercial games on just about any platform and is very user friendly. Their user base has been booming over the last couple years. We have a mixture of free and subscription tutorials on Unity.
  5. Check out this young Unity developer we met at Unite. Inspiring!
  6. Thousands of videos and hundreds of hours of streaming material to help you learn to make games are available on design3.com We cover tons of industry standard tools in our training center, have tons of interviews and job tips in our career corner, have playable games that you can access the assets and tutorials to build and customize yourself in the arcade, and have a nearly 10 thousand strong ready to collaborate in our community. If you are a student we have discounts available so e-mail academic@design3.com Come learn more about making games!
  7. design3

    Post pictures of YUO!

    design3 team jumps for joy!
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