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  1. riznomdemha

    o wise one guide me

    after researching for couple of days this is what i have planned for me: 1. Continue learning C++. 2. Then start making small games like : Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, tetris........ 3. Start learning SDL ....... to develop 2 D games 4.After a long time from now start learning Direct X API/ An Engine (Possibly UDK/Airplay SDK) 5. Meanwhile continue learning math...... 3D math etc. So tell me how is my plan?...........what modification do you recommend ? AND please recommend books for these goals......please Thank You
  2. riznomdemha

    o wise one guide me

    Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus by andre lahmote............is this a good book to follow?
  3. riznomdemha

    Game Engine or not?

    i am new to game programming and just started learning c++.............bt alll these posts are freaking me out!......did i make a wrong decision?
  4. riznomdemha

    o wise one guide me

    any suggestions regarding learning math from the scratch?
  5. i am a noob in both programming and iphone dev. but had a look at airplay SDK.......it looked cool......now downloading the airplay sdk
  6. riznomdemha

    o wise one guide me

    please don't flame each other here............... as much as i appreciate all these posts , I am still waiting for a proper reply to my opening post......... sorry if i am being rude.....
  7. riznomdemha

    o wise one guide me

    i thought Dev-C++ is not monitored now......there is a new project based on it called wxDev-C++..... am i right?
  8. riznomdemha

    o wise one guide me

    got it
  9. riznomdemha

    o wise one guide me

    yes i have heard it before.........trying to build an engine will slow slow things down/make things complicated/simply is waste os time........when there r quality engines out there, there is no need to create one ......all u need to do is learn one ......... 2 questions i.is SDL related with OpenGL?...... ii.can Direct X be used for simple 2D games?
  10. riznomdemha

    o wise one guide me

    @ Ben Apuna..........thanx.... iknew about Khan Academy before......bt whenever i go there the huge list of the tutorials reminds me how less i know about them!!!
  11. riznomdemha

    o wise one guide me

    i completely agree with you. going to look into Algebra for complete idiots......... have been a class bunker after high school and now i have come to the realization that enough is enough . trying to learn from the ground up. In terms of math , have been out of practice for a long time. So waiting for any book recommendation on that. Though my current focus is on c++ and math(1,4) , i would love to know about the whole path ahead of myself. Sorry for my poor English.(Not my native language)
  12. riznomdemha

    o wise one guide me

    first of all, joined gamedev today. did a bit of browsing and searching. I know you all have seen these questions a lot. I am sorry for asking them again. But i really do need some guide lines and i believe there is no better place than gamedev. So, My goals are: 1. Learning a programming language : C++ (have 3 IDEs:VC++,Codeblocks,wxDev-C++ ; please post ur recommendations) 2. Learning making small 2D games for PC. (if there is an engine/library to learn then please mention it) 3. Learning to program 3D games(using Direct X), i know it's not a one man job. But i want to learn enough to land a job in the industry. Would love to work on a engine i.e. Panda3D/UDK (that i can use for free, please post your recommendations ) 4. Understanding the mathematics and physics used for developing games. So please tell me how to achieve my goals. Please post your recommendations about books (better if organized as a beginner to advanced level), tutorial/articles on the net . Anything will be appreciated. N.B. i am CS student and currently studying "Beginning C++ through game programming" by Michael Dawson. I have read the beginners guide in gamedev. I do realize that i have to start small. I want to create a firm base and then want to work on it/ adopt as time goes by !
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