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    Persistant Planet

    Bump, topic still open and looking for answers.
  2. Blink.Riddle

    Civilization/ Technology Progression Sim

    Gotcha, thanks for the information.
  3. Blink.Riddle

    Character Customization Feature

    So what roles in game design do i need to combine for this
  4. Blink.Riddle

    Civilization/ Technology Progression Sim

    Which element of realism are you referring to?
  5. The name of the game is Era (Era Online is a long term goal but for now it simply remains "Era"). It is an idea I have had for quite a long time, the first time I can recall coming up with the basic idea was almost two years ago. At the time I had just started going to school for Simulation and Game Development and wanted to make the best game to ever come alive...as many of you can imagine, the idea was shot down as I learned the basic ins and outs of creating a game. And so it got set on a back burner, then it became forgotten all together. Instead I found myself making a lot of small games, most of them actually really good and receiving a lot of praise and popularity amongst my fellow classmates and instructors (none of them were able to make it to be uploaded online due to incompletion, that tends to happen when you are expected to make a new game "unlike any you have already made" literally twice a week =_= ). As they piled up on one another and life began to throw problems at me, which eventually led to me having to drop out and look for a second job, the idea behind Era was all but completely erased from my mind. However, about a month ago, while playing the ever-amazing game, Minecraft, Era came back into my head. And so it began, scrambling to figure out just what Era was, what its goal was, and what I was going to do about it. Due to my assignments when I was in school, I have quickly become tired of small little games, I decided I was ready to take on something big...I have found that big is too small for what I am doing...this is gonna suck, but hard work is what makes ideas into reality. What Era Online is: -Era Online is an idea for an MMO, nothing more, nothing less, simply just an idea. An idea for a game in which players create a family of two to five members and choose a region to call home on a world called Cradle. >Cradle is intended to be an actual planet rather than a large square map with limited worldspace. Imagine the planets on Spore, but bigger, yet at the same time, smaller in scale than that of our own Earth (Due to hardware limitations and possible player numbers, you don't want a sparsely populated world, it just wouldn't feel right). >The idea is to set up a formula that will allow Cradle to be generated semi-randomly from the planets core all the way out to the crust which will feature all the geographical diversities of our own planet. -The very first players who log into the game will find themselves alone unless they chose the same starting region as another player. This is because, while there will be a few NPC's here and there, they will be representing the dawn of man and will have to lead their family in building shelter and surviving the wilderness as well as any hostile NPC's or players they may encounter. >The player will be able to use materials around them to create basic tools and weapons, and build homes and shelters. >As the player population grows, they may band together and start tribes, villages, towns, cities, and eventually nations. >The main feature of Era, along with the development of civilization, would be the advancement of technology. >A look at the player's ability to advance the technology of Cradle -Player A. learns how to make a wheel from wood. -Player B. decides to make a large box and attach Player A.'s wheels to the box, making a cart. -Player A. decides to tame a large beast to pull the cart. -Player A. and Player B. meet Player C. who wants to know how to make the cart. -Player C. Is taught how to build a cart and in exchange, teaches Player A. and B. how to make a boiler to cook food with. -Player C. figures out how to attach the boiler to the cart in order to move the wheels and creates a steam powered vehicle. -As the first engine is passed along players, it is constantly revised and improved, using fuel instead of steam and making it more powerful. -Player D. decides that with his powerful engine, he could put wings on a vehicle and he creates the first airplane. Again, look to Spore and imagine the vehicle creator, but a little more sophisticated. There will be basic elements in the game that can be used toward invention, but you cant just slap wheels on a cart to make it drive. You have to have an engine with a chain attached to a gear on an axle (all the little parts would only show in the invention editor to prove the functionality of the vehicle, other with a game world model that is more complicated would slow the game down tremendously, creating tremendous strain on the system and most definitely a crash). Of course not everyone is going to be able to think in ways that will allow them to discover or design a modern day Ferrari. This will increase the need to work together and exchange information as well as provide service for others, whether for hire or volunteering to progress their world's progression, as well as create a need for market and trade. No one is going to buy a truck if everyone can go out and make one themselves. And of course theirs PVP. No hitpoints, you get shot in the head, you die, pure and simple. The upside is you have a family who inherits what you left behind, either you choose a preexisting family member to take your place, or you create a new member to take the job. Also all those skills you acquired during your characters life, they are easy to earn back. Not instantly but still quicker than your average MMO. The harsher possibility for death would hopefully allow for a more open game play. No "hay! cans i duel you and get ur stuff?" If you want to attack someone because they are easy to kill, go right ahead, but remember, you're just as easy to kill as they are. Also, no more endless grinds or buffs to get the 1% advantage on the other player or try to reach the level cap and be 'unbeatable'. Now for a giant slap to the face of reality: Era online is impossible with the resources I have now, in order to make an MMO, one needs funding...lots of it. So until I can get that (If I can get that) I just have Era, not Era Online, just Era. Era is going to be a single player game of the same idea and concept, just no online, no player interactions with other players, and much much simpler. Era also will not take place on a planet world like the that of its dreamed up equivalent. It will be a flat plane world, possibly randomly generated like Minecraft...possibly. It will have a handful of creatures, and NPC's to interact with. The invention feature will still exist, but not as sophisticated. This time slapping wheels on a cart will make it drive if it has and engine object located somewhere on the vehicle. And materials will still need to be obtained in order to make tools, and components. Everything starts small. Era Online is possible, but for now I have to start with just plain old Era. I already have a team pulling together and its actually coming much quicker than I expected. It's only been three days and I already have four members with multiple talents and roles that they are not only capable of filling, but willing. And it helps that I've seen some of their work and what they call "not the best" is actually quite astounding. (Note to those of you who think you're not all that great, you're probably better than you give yourself credit for) But I hope we can get Era to a point where we can release it to the web as a purchasable download (I'm thinking $10 to $15 but you cant really be sure until you see what the releasable product is) and from that I am hoping we can get funding to license it and funding to start making Era Online. It all depends on how successful this turns out to be if at all. So tell me what you think. Feel free to praise, flame, or commend and give advice to what I may need to know. I would also like to take this time to extend an open invitation for anyone who may be interested in joining our team (Emblem) and working with the Era project (Not Era Online, just Era) to send an email to blink.riddle@gmail.com or just PM me and I will let you know who we can use and any other information that you want to know.
  6. Hello Forums! I am currently gathering a team together to start work on a MMO project called Era Online and am gathering information on what we will need to do/ obtain and one of those things is character customization. If anyone can tell me what all is needed to make this and put it into the game, I would greatly appreciated. Also this is not intended to be a recruiting topic but if anyone is interested and wants to know more about the game, pm me or email me at blink.riddle@gmail.com. Please do not respond to this invitation on this thread as that is not the point of this topic.
  7. Blink.Riddle

    Persistant Planet

    I in now way shape or form am not underestimating the amount of work involved in making this. I understand that it is a HUGE goal to strive for and the only thing I am not seeing this as being is impossible. I do thank you for your concern and for letting me know in case I didn't already I know also that this will take a huge amount of time to even get the simplest/ most significant elements brought into being and thats even after I get a team together which in itself is bound to be quite a task which will take quite a bit of time as well (Although its taken me less time than I expected to get even just to get one person interested in joining, a 3D animator with some pretty impressive work to show for herself) I have a bit of experience of making games and went to college for a bit in Simulation and Game Development before I had to drop out due to pressing matters with life =_= Although I am kind of ignorant on specifics of something as theoretical as this. I would love to have someone with ideas like yours on my team if you would like, even if you're not interested in actual programming for it but maybe you could share your ideas and knowledge for us to use. It would make you a designer for the team which is still a major role in a game's development. Again, thanks your your feedback, and that's for everybody as well. Thank you very much.
  8. Blink.Riddle

    Persistant Planet

    The planet in question would be rather smaller than an actual scale to earth, and as far as the world feel, the idea (i know ideas are just purely that, but ideas dont always go nowhere) is taht the moment the first players log on, they will choose a region to start in, they will not create a single player but in fact a small family (2 to 5 people) and will find themselves alone in the game world, not many other players, maybe a few npc's, no homes, cities or anything, just an open landscape. This is because they will be representing the dawn of man (sorta, i think it would be cool to implement some sort of race editor if the player wishes and the location they start in would allow a new race to emerge) It would start out as sort of a single player feel and the challenge would just be to survive, to fend off wild animals, protect themselves from storms and such. The player would be able to have access to a few craftable items depending on what kind of materials they can find. They will play as a member of their family and be able to switch between them or give orders to each other to accomplish tasks such as build shelter, find food, etc. Again, I know that just an idea can be nothing but, and that i need to be careful to not bite off too much for me to chew. I am gathering a team together (which is going slow but thats what you have to epect when you have nothing to show for yourself at the time) and we will be starting small but not before we have discussions and such to know what to start to work on.
  9. Blink.Riddle

    Persistant Planet

    You run a real risk of running out of materials if you go down this route. I would recommend using an existing planet instead. [/quote] Is that a joke? If so: LOL. If not: What do you mean?
  10. Blink.Riddle

    Persistant Planet

    The idea is to somehow have in the game data all the information as to the form and makeup of the planet in question while all that is visually generated is everything within the visible distance of the player. It has been suggested that the computer randomly generates the terrain like minecraft but with a mmo I'm worried that players could get different terrains from what another player had seen in the same place. But I'm wanting it to be a bit further than just surface terrain, the idea is that depending on the tools that the player possesses they could dig their way to the core and burn up if they wished to do so.
  11. Blink.Riddle

    Persistant Planet

    haha yes but 1% of work done is closer to 100% than 0%. I know ideas aren't everything in bringing something into being, but that why I'm posting the question here. Trying to get closer to that 100
  12. Blink.Riddle

    Persistant Planet

    Hello all, I am currently gathering people together to start on an MMO game project which includes the desire to make an entire physical planet as a persistent object to serve as the game world. What are the possibilities of this? I have a few ideas but I'm a little hazy as far as knowledge of hardware specifics and such.
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