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  1. " I don't know why everyone thinks that their town is the only small town in the USA. According to the country music station, there's about a million." - Caitlin Martin
  2. Everyone would like to think that Koji Kondo is paid in hugs, but that's not true......He gets paid in rupees.
  3. Words to live by...."Anyone who can flush a rat can do just about anything" - Barry Klemper
  4. In a few brief moments some close friends and I will be adventuring through mystical woods in search of the eight pages....making this Slender Night an epic one!!!
  5. S'go to Branson!
  6. www.searchthecityband.com
  7. Season 3 Workaholics! LET'S GET WEIRD! :D
  8. I never thought I'd live to see the day when I could play a Moog synth on Google......I think I've peaked.
  9. "You know, I really liked that movie, but then again, it made me sad....He should've stayed with Hermione, but then I guess it would've been called 'My Week With Hermione.'" Oh, Caitlin, I love you so much. Happy one year, baby!
  10. RIP Steve Jobs... :(
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